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Who is Juliette Pastore? Meet The Better Half of Newcastle Transfer Sandro Tonali

The 24-year-old beauty will be joining her playmaking beau, Sandro Tonali, now that he’s signed to the Toon, but she’s anything but your average footballer's girlfriend.    

By Andrew Woodin
Giulia watches Sandro Tonali during a match

Juliette Pastore is the girlfriend of the latest summer transfer to shake up the English Premier League. So, who is she and what do curious fans need to know?

In a day and age where social media’s vice-like grip on our lives steers so many to be a so-called influencers, at times, separating the wheat from the chaff seems like a Herculean task. Posers here, sycophants there – as exhausting as the never-ending cycle of filtered faces can be, trying to strip away the glossy façade of even the tastemakers we trust feels like a lose-lose battle. The reality is what you see is hardly ever what you get

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But deep down, amidst a maze of auto-tuned smiles, all sporting the same, washed-out “vintage” overlays that present as more pedestrian with each incarnation, there are those who distinguish themselves from the dregs of humanity by offering their followers more and, at times, something unique. Juliette Pastore, girlfriend of Newcastle’s high-profile summer transfer signing, Sandro Tonali, is one of those social media mavens who is striving to do more with her immense presence on the web.

When did Newcastle’s Sandro Tonali meet Juliette Pastore?

Tonali and Pastore first met in 2019 when the gifted midfielder was playing for the Italian club Brescia Calcio in Serie B, according to The Sun. Pausing for just a passing glance at Pastore, and it’s hard to imagine the initial sparks of the pair’s relationship didn’t instantly ignite into a raging wildfire. Whatever the duo’s union produced on a personal level will have to be left to the imagination. Professionally speaking, Tonali falling for Pastore coincided with him blossoming into a stellar footballer the same year, leading him to make the jump to AC Milan in Series A the following year.

What does Sandro Tonali’s girlfriend Juliette Pastore do for work?

As alluded to, Pastore is far from just Tonali’s gorgeous girlfriend. Boasting nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram, Pastore is not your average influencer. She’s a sought-after, aspiring model often works with major European brands like DoDo Jewels and Intimissimi, but the extent of her branding ambitions stretches much further than just paid partnerships or gracing the covers of magazines. Pastore is also a burgeoning fashion entrepreneur, owning her own clothing label called Juliette.24 Club. Specializing in refurbishing old garments, Pastore takes vintage clothing and customizes the pieces with her own stylistic pizazz to give them a second life.

How does Juliette Pastore feel about being a Premier League WAG?

Call her a model; call her an influencer; but whatever you do, don’t simply reduce her to Tonali’s WAG, otherwise, you’re going to hear about it.

When a troll labeled her as nothing more than just a footballer’s WAG, Pastore made sure to swiftly educate the hater.

"I reply to this message because maybe he has recently followed me and sees me as the girlfriend of a football player,” stated Pastore, according to The Sun. "When I was 14-15, I started working in a shop in Brescia, I was advertising, and I was paid regularly."

Between her career ambitions and her glamorous lifestyle with Tonali away from the pitch, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

What has Juliette Pastore said about her relationship with Sandro Tonali?

Sandro Tonali stands on the soccer field

Having met in their formative years when they were still hanging on to the remnants of their teens, it’s apparent, through a myriad of the couple’s photos, that the two care deeply for one another. Still, rumors abound that the Tonali and Pastore briefly separated before rekindling the embers of their once scorching romance. Pastore has also touched on those reports but, in lieu of angrily shutting them down, Pastore has made a point to convey just how special her relationship with Tonali is.

"Getting lost and then finding each other again,” reflected Pastore on reuniting with Newcastle’s Tonali. “There are loves that go around the world, immense turns, only to return even more beautiful."

The Magpies signed the 23-year-old Tonali to a reported five-year deal worth an estimated $71 million, so while Eddie Howe’s “exceptional talent” looks to instantly make his mark at St. James’ Park, one can only expect Pastore to do the same. After all, with a contract like Tonali’s, Pastore could procure all the vintage threads she needs to keep Juliette.24 Club running for an eternity.

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