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USA Insider Race to Survive: Alaska

Watch 'Race To Survive: Alaska' Team Members Hakim And Justice Almost Come To Blows

Martial arts experts Hakim and Justice's communication broke down in a big way on Episode 3 of "Race To Survive: Alaska."

By Tyler McCarthy
Race to Survive: Alaska S1 E3 Highlight: No Time to Bicker

Tensions flared on the third episode of “Race To Survive: Alaska” between teammates Hakim Isler and Justice Norman, which almost leads to blows between the martial arts experts. 

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The team, which includes a self-professed ninja, came to the competition boasting of their martial arts training and level-headedness under pressure. However, when threatened with last place and an inability to agree on the proper path to stave off elimination, their communication broke down quickly and in a big way. 

A highlight video from Episode 3 showcases some of the tensest moments between the two team members as they begin to turn on each other in the middle of their second race. Things start to go downhill when they realize they’re in a close race against Genevive Walker and Favia Dubyk for last place and elimination. With the stakes high, they can’t agree on which path to take and end up bushwacking through dangerous and wet terrain. 

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“We’re not sure if we’re always going in the right direction,” Hakim explains. “I see tracks moving one way, he sees tracks moving another way ... So you can feel the tension. It’s super easy in a situation like that to lose your temper.” 

Boy was he right. 

The very next moment, Justice is eating blueberries from a bush while Hakim is checking his map. Once Justice, who has complained about his partner’s speed already, feels they’ve got their heading, he instructs his partner to put the map away and get moving. As he himself predicted, Hakim then loses his temper. 

“Don’t f***ing tell me, bro. I’m not having the way you’re talking to me,” he says. “It doesn’t do any good stopping to eat blueberries either. You want to keep taking f***ing short shots, you talk to me like I’m a f***ing man or we’ll settle it like men.”

Hakim even warns that “we may have to go to blows,” if Justice doesn’t talk to him like an adult. Also a martial arts expert, Justice isn’t deterred by verbal threats. In fact, in a further example of their team breaking down, he demands Hakim give back the trekking pole he apparently loaned his partner. 

Fortunately for their race, the duo manage to put aside their differences enough to not break down into hand-to-hand combat. However, that doesn’t mean they get to the end of the race unscathed. Exhausted physically and mentally from the adventure so far, Hakim loses his footing and messes up his knee and ankle pretty badly. Unfortunately for him, he has no choice but to press on since rescue can’t really make it to them on the side of a mountain with high tree cover. 

Justice, to his credit, is impressed with his partner’s ability to push through what is clearly a very painful injury. That said, he’s clearly frustrated to be waiting on Hakim even more after making it clear that his speed was a massive problem to their chances to place in the competition so far. 

See how Hakim and Justice fare by tuning into “Race To Survive: Alaska” on USA Network Mondays at 11/10c. You can catch more survival content on Peacock now. 

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