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USA Insider Race to Survive: Alaska

Jeff Has Difficulty, Gets Injured In 'Race To Survive: Alaska' Episode 2

Father and son duo Jeff and Hunter ran into some problems with his dad's age in Episode 2 of "Race To Survive: Alaska." 

By Tyler McCarthy
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Everyone is having a tough time in the harsh, inhospitable wilderness on “Race To Survive: Alaska.” However, in Episode 2, no one struggled more with the terrain, obstacles, and general clumsiness than Jeff Leininger.

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While the frontrunners were already at survival camp recuperating from the first race, Jeff, his son Hunter, Bella, and Cason were tackling the two-line rope bridge. The siblings made it across with ease followed quickly by an enthusiastic Hunter. Meanwhile, Jeff was battling his nerves. 

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“My dad is by far the most experienced adventure racer out here, but with age, he’s kind of developed these fears,” Hunter says of his dad’s weakness going into the obstacle. 

He’s not wrong, even Jeff admits that he’s at a bigger risk of being taken out of the competition thanks to sheer injury. So, suddenly the height looks a little higher, the rope a little thinner and the consequences a little direr. 

“I’m just trying to prove that age is nothing but a freaking number,” he says in a highlight video. “Because in my mind, I’m still this 20-year-old that I think can conquer anything, but one slip-up at my age could get us out of this event.” 

The worst happens as he goes across, he falls but manages to keep one hand on the top rope. While less experienced adventures may have fallen to their doom, Jeff expertly gets back up on the rope and finishes the obstacle. However, his troubles were far from over. 

While walking the marshes, cameras spotted him getting his leg fully stuck in some dense suction caused by a muddy sinkhole. He needs all three of his travel companion’s help to get out of it and makes note this is the third time this has happened on his trek that day. Sinkhole waylays aside, he and Hunter finally make it to survival camp where Jeff’s clumsiness once again causes havoc, this time resulting in an injury. 

While hammering a spike for his tarp in with the blunt side of an axe, he whacked the top of his left thumb knuckle leading to a nasty cut. Fortunately, medical professionals Robin and Elizabeth were nearby in the survival camp to disinfect and treat the wound. Still, it’s not the kind of finish to the first leg of the race that Jeff was hoping for. 

One can only hope he learns from his mistakes and manages to suffer fewer preventable injuries as he and his son continue on in the competition. 

Tune in to “Race To Survive: Alaska” on USA Network every Monday at 11/10c. You can catch more survival shows on Peacock now. 

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