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USA Insider Race to Survive: Alaska

'Race To Survive: Alaska' Premiere Front-Runners The Alaska Brothers' Best Ep. 1 Moments

Brothers Oliver and Wilson emerged as the clear front-runners and fun characters on "Race To Survive: Alaska."

By Tyler McCarthy

The premiere episode of “Race To Survive: Alaska” introduced viewers to the eight teams of two who will be competing in a one-of-a-kind adventure race across the inhospitable wilderness. It didn’t take long for one team to emerge as frontrunners in both the first leg of the race as well as in fans' hearts.

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Brothers Oliver and Wilson Hoogendorn utilized their know-how as adventurers and natives of Nome, Alaska, to quickly break out into the front of the pack and stayed there throughout the entire first race of the competition. As if their skills weren’t enough to make viewers fall in love with the affectionately dubbed AK Bros, their banter and general demeanor throughout the race were just a delight. 

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In a new video, some of the best chats between Wilson, 23, and Oliver, 25, from the first episode have been compiled into a handy highlight reel to help first-time viewers relive what makes this highly competitive pair such a joy to see in their element — the wilds of Alaska. 

Because of their first-place position, the duo was the first to spot a brown bear in everyone’s path and joyfully called its position out. They noted that their parents made sure to teach them to respect and be scared of bears so that they could survive the daily adventures their home has to offer. 

“You don’t really want to mess with bears,” Wilson says before noting that he’s never had to use bear spray before and hopes he doesn’t have to figure it out that day or ever. 

That said, once they approach the first adventure challenge, the two-line rope bridge, Oliver notes that experiencing new things and diving head-first into danger is what his little brother is all about. 

“Wilson just kind of dives into life head-first for everything,” he says. “Sliding down the hill when we were kids, he was always the one to go face-first off the jump. Or like when he was 18, he biked from Alaska to Colorado. Wilson is the type of person to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. I feel like I’m the exact opposite. I’ve always been the sense of reason.” 

Oliver may be selling himself short, though. Although his little brother makes a game out of swinging on the two ropes, when it’s his time to go over the obstacle, he does it carefully and efficiently. That’s thanks to the inspiration of his brother. 

As Oliver modestly puts it: “It usually goes alright.” 

You can catch Oliver and Wilson take on more races and obstacles in future episodes of “Race To Survive: Alaska” every Monday at 11 /10c on USA Network. You can catch more adventure shows on Peacock now. 

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