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Here's What Joey Logano Has To Say About That 'Hot Ass Wife' Moment In 'Race For The Championship'

Joey Logano let everyone know exactly how he feels about Brittany Baca in the series premiere of "Race For The Championship." 

By Tyler McCarthy

USA Insider got the chance to chat with “Race For The Championship” star Joey Logano to ask the question on everyone’s minds after the premiere: What’s the deal with the way his wife’s number is labeled in his phone? 

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The premiere episode of the new USA Network series saw Logano and his wife, Brittany Baca, discussing the birth of their third child. During the episode, he is driving and uses his hands-free system to call Brittany to talk about the logistics. When he does so, the camera spots that she’s saved in his phone as “My Hot Ass Wife.” 

Speaking to USA Insider digital correspondent Stephanie Gomulka at the show’s red carpet premiere, Logano revealed he’s not the one who programmed her contact information into his cell that way. 

“She put it in and it’s been that way for seven years now. Seven or eight years,” he explained. “I think when we got married she put it in like that. She’s changed the name of multiple people in my phone so they come up different.” 

Although he didn't put her in there that way, he certainly didn't think he needed to change it. He said seeing her come up in his contacts like that is so second nature to him that he didn’t even realize it might be something viewers clock during the episode. 

“I really didn’t think about the name that was on my car when we were filming all this,” he said with a laugh. “That was just what it is and it’s funny.”  

In fact, he typically has to say “My Hot Ass Wife” out loud in order to get his phone to call his wife hands-free, even when his kids are in the car. 

Now, he's letting fans in on the joke by selling T-shirts inspired by the viral moment. Men can purchase a shirt that reads "I Have A Hot Ass Wife," while women can purchase one that simply reads "Hot Ass Wife." 

Logano said he’s excited for “Race For The Championship” to give fans at home a little taste of what the real lives of NASCAR drivers are like — funny phone contacts and all.

“There’s a couple of things that are really neat. For one I think it shows that we’re human just like anybody else,” he explained. “Just because we drive race cars doesn't make us different than anybody else. We still go through the same things, we still have the same stuff with kids, we still have to go to work and do our stuff, we just have a job that everybody sees.” 

Meanwhile, Logano said people like him, avid NASCAR fans, will get a lot out of the show too. 

“It also shows the other part, if you like the life part of it, cool, that's there,” he added. “But, if you want to see the other part of how a team prepares for a race, like that to me was the most exciting piece to show. As a race fan, I want to see that stuff.” 

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