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Who Are 'The Traitors' In Season 1 Of Peacock's New Thriller Competition Series?

The mystery is answered early on, but how long can the three Traitors keep up their deceptions?

By Caitlin Busch

Upon joining host Alan Cumming at a lavish castle in the Scottish Highlands, the 20 competitors in Peacock's newest reality competition series "The Traitors" began the ultimate mind game.

In the first episode, which premiered on Peacock on Jan. 12, Cumming handpicks the "Traitors" — three competitors who are meant to hide in plain sight and sabotage their "Faithful" counterparts — and sets them up for their first meeting in a dim, torch-lit chamber perfectly suited for the dark deeds they're to spend the next nine episodes enacting.

Their goal? To go undetected and undermine the 17 "Faithful" competitors while still working with them to win up to $150,000 during various challenges. In each episode, the players gather to "banish" someone they suspect is a Traitor — but that's proven easier said than done given how good Season 1's Traitors are at hiding their true natures. After each banishment, the Traitors gather each night to strategically choose a Faithful to "murder," thus cutting down the suspect pool and making it harder for them to hide.

How far do the Traitors get and are they ever detected and banished by the Faithful? You'll have to watch the series to find out, but, for now, let's take a closer look at our three Traitors and analyze what made them the right choice for this game of deception.

Cirie Fields

The Traitors Cirie Fields

Cirie is a master of mind games and manipulation. As a four-time "Survivor" legend — having competed on the "Panama," "Micronesia," "Heroes vs. Villains," and "Game Changers" seasons — Cirie embodies the show's "Outwit. Outplay. Outlast." mantra. She's also appeared on "Guiding Light," "The Price Is Right," and USA Network's own "Snake in the Grass."

When she's not tearing up the reality competition game on our televisions, Cirie's a mother of three and works as a nurse — meaning she's got patience and smarts for days. Cirie knows a thing or two about biding her time and making allies, so the Faithful better watch their backs.

Christian De La Torre

The Traitors Christian De La Torre

Christian is an army veteran, but, per his official bio, "After his time in the military, Christian hit the road documenting his travels from hiking the Italian coast to backcountry camping through the U.S. National Parks. Pursuing the life of an explorer, he spends days off-the-grid in remote locations to enrich his connection and appreciation for nature while sharing his journey through his photography and social media."

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Self-described as a "natural socialite," Christian's generally charming demeanor will prove helpful in letting him go undetected as he befriends the Faithful and smiles while he plots their "murders." His natural affinity for adventure and outdoor activities also make him an asset to any team in the more physical challenges as they work together to add more money to the final prize pot.

Cody Calafiore

The Traitors Cody Calafiore

"Big Brother" fans will recognize New Jersey native Cody Calafiore from Season 16, in which he made it to the final two. He also made an appearance on "Big Brother All Stars" in 2020 and has a couple of acting credits to his name. All of this is to say that Cody is great a deception and — more importantly — causing strife within a group. However, he might be at a slight disadvantage due to another of the competitors, Rachel Reilly, being a "Big Brother" alum too. You'll just have to watch to find out how far he and his fellow Traitors make it.

All 10 episodes of "The Traitors" are now available to watch on Peacock.