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Monk Creator Andy Breckman Teases Fans With a Tantalizing Crossover Possibility

Fans of Psych and Monk may get irrationally excited at this crossover idea from Mr. Monk's Last Case writer Andy Breckman.


By Chris Phelan

In the eyes of countless Peacock subscribers, USA Network original series are the gifts that keep giving. From the runaway streaming success of Suits to the release of Mr. Monk's Last Case: A Monk Movie, Peacock has proven to be the home for iconic television series that stand the test of time. But those two Peacock mainstays aren't the only shows getting all the attention this December – fans of another popular USA Network franchise are being teased with an unexpected holiday surprise that will make them very, very happy if it all pans out. 

During an exclusive interview with ComicBook.comMonk creator Andy Breckman admitted that his fandom of Psych may play a part in an eventual crossover – something hardcore fans of both shows have been begging for over the years!

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"I'm a huge fan of Psych," Breckman revealed. "I know a lot of people are asking about a crossover. It's challenging because Monk, I always felt, exists in its own unique universe, and we play by our own unique rules. Psych comes very close in spirit, but it feels like it's still a different world – but I will never say never. I know that we have fans that love both shows equally, and that means a lot to us."

Psych Christmas Episodes2

That's quite a tantalizing tidbit to drop onto the plates of enthusiastic fans just a few days before Christmas. It's worth noting that there is no official word on any further Monk nor Psych projects, but if there's one thing dedicated fans of either show can do, it's dream. 

Both shows share similarities in tone and humor, making us think that a Peacock original crossover film would be a match made in heaven. Would a Psych scene, like the one below, fit perfectly in the Monk universe? In our opinion, there's no doubt. 

Fans have long theorized that both shows exist in the same universe, a speculation further fueled during the series finale of Psych, when one of the characters seemingly referenced Mr. Monk in passing. For many longtime fans, this was all the proof they needed to conclude that both shows existed in the same universe, potentially setting the stage for a future crossover. 

"They made a very generous, very funny joke about another investigator in San Francisco," Breckman acknowledged.

However, some fans will remember that Psych's Shawn Spencer and Monk's Adrian Monk have appeared on-screen together in the past – they memorably paired up for USA Network promotional spots in the late 2000s, giving viewers a glimpse of their crossover potential. However, the carrot that Andy Breckman is dangling over us all is far more impactful than a simple television promo – a true crossover would understandably send fans of both shows into a frenzy!

While obviously nothing is set in stone, all crossover events must start somewhere, right? And what better way for the rumor mill to start working overtime than for Breckman to open the door – just slightly – to the idea of the worlds of Psych and Monk colliding? 

Sometimes, you don't know what you really need in life until someone floats an idea out into the world. We know what we'll be rooting for throughout 2024!

All seasons of Psych and Monk are currently streaming on Peacock.