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'I Want To Do This': 'Miz & Mrs' Finale Sees Maryse Practice Her Return To WWE

Maryse finally decided to get back into wrestling in WWE in the finale of "Miz & Mrs" Season 3.

By Tyler McCarthy
The Royal Return

Maryse and Mike are back in the ring and feeling awesome in a preview clip for tonight’s Season 3 finale of “Miz & Mrs.” 

How to Watch

Stream Seasons 1-3 of "Miz & Mrs" on Peacock.

The WWE’s It Couple spent most of Season 3 wondering if they should take big, physically taxing moves for their career. For Mike, that meant competing on “Dancing with the Stars.” For Maryse, that meant getting back and wrestling in the ring. 

On the Season 3 finale, she’s not only agreed to appear in the ring, but she’s putting in the work to make her and Miz’s bout against Edge and Beth Phoenix at Royal Rumble look like the quality match fans have come to expect from her. 

However, it’s been roughly ten years since she put her body at risk against fellow WWE Superstars, so she’s a little worried about ring rust, as is Miz. 

In the preview clip, they take their girls, Madison and Monroe, to a training gym where the whole family gets between the ropes and warms up. The youngsters prove they’re their parents’ kids by workshopping their kicks and spears before furiously ringing the bell to usher in their parents' sparring match. 

With that, the gym manager takes the girls in the back to play with some toys and the real training begins. They both note that ten years is a long time, but the fun of getting back in the ring and the thrill of putting on a good show are enough motivation to bring all her skills screaming back. While sparring, she manages to put the reverse on her husband and whale on him in the corner. 

That’s when they decide to practice her hurricanrana maneuver from the top rope she hopes to use on Edge. 

“I want to do this move because it’s fun,” Maryse explains. "It’s different and I’m doing it to a man that’s six feet tall.” 

The Miz is excited to see his wife beat up their Royal Rumble opponents, but he can’t help but admit he’s a little worried to see his wife and the mother of his kids try a move that’s not only complex but something she’s never done before from the top rope. 

Rather than tell her all the reasons it’s a bad idea, he simply helps her practice the move until she’s got it down perfectly. Ahead of the finale, she even took to Instagram to show off the finished product. 

Watch the “Miz & Mrs” Season 3 two-part finale on USA Network on Monday at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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