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'We Can Conquer Anything': Mike Works To Get A Reluctant Maryse Back In WWE Shape

Maryse Mizanin is getting back in the WWE ring and Mike is trying to get her ready in the latest clip from "Miz & Mrs."

By Tyler McCarthy
Miz and Maryse wearing red sparkly robes

In the upcoming episode of “Miz & Mrs,” the Mizanin family trip to a winter wonderland suddenly turns into a work trip when Maryse decides to get back in the WWE ring. 

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Stream Seasons 1-3 of "Miz & Mrs" on Peacock.

This season, Maryse has been struggling with whether or not to compete again in the WWE after being away for several years while raising their two daughters, Monroe and Madison. Now that she’s agreed to compete in a match, Mike is going all-hands on deck to get her prepared physically to take on another Superstar alongside him. 

While the family is on a trip to Big Bear Lake in California, Mike sets up a little “Rocky IV” style training gym for an incredibly reluctant Maryse. In a preview clip for the episode, Mike takes his wife outside where he shows her how to get a full-body workout going by chopping wood. He does it himself before handing the tool over to her. However, she’s more interested in getting the perfect Instagram photo than she is in chopping wood. 

Undeterred, Mike moves on to the next piece of training he’s set up, sledgehammering a tire. Unfortunately, Maryse says her new nails won’t allow her to even touch the sledgehammer. So, Mike moves on to Plan C. He sits down on a sled and directs her to pull him. However, she decides that the best thing for her to do is to instead kick him forward, exerting as little effort as possible but still sending him careening down a hill. 

With that, Mike gives up … for now. 

“Maryse is the type of person who, when she’s in something, she’s 110 percent in,” he explains. “But she hasn’t been in the ring in almost 10 years. Maybe there’s a way that I can show her, ‘Look, we’re Mizanins, we can go into our fears and we can conquer anything.’”

Fortunately, he gets his opportunity when they take their daughters to go sledding on a small hill. After just one ride down the hill, Monroe is so happy with the experience that she asks to not only go again but this time go without her dad directing the sled behind her. 

Meanwhile, Maryse gets to see how brave her daughters are, which hopefully inspires her to put in the work to get back into ring shape ahead of her return to the WWE. 

Those curious to see how it all shakes out will just have to tune into the latest episode of “Miz & Mrs” Monday at 11 p.m./10c on USA Network.

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