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'I Like To Be The Best At What I Do': Maryse Mizanin Talks Getting Back In The WWE Ring

Season 3, Episode 6 of "Miz & Mrs" sees Maryse grapple with the decision to be a WWE Superstar once again.

By Tyler McCarthy
Miz And Maryse walking through a tunnel

Maryse Mizanin grappled with a potential return to the WWE ring now that she’s a mother of two in the latest episode of “Miz & Mrs.” Speaking to USA Insider, the reality star opened up about her decision and how easy it ended up being to make up her mind. 

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In “Miz & Mrs” Season 3, Episode 6, the Superstar isn’t sure if it’s a good idea to get in the ring and compete alongside her husband, The Miz. She wonders if she should stick to being a sideline character now that they’ve got two little girls to worry about back home. 

“I mean, being a character in WWE and being in the ring is very different,” she told USA Insider. “I love being a character, I love it. I love the storyline and storytelling. But also, at some point, you kind of get involved in the whole story, which leads to big day for you. And usually, you wrestle. And I said, ‘Look, I have two kids now. I don't know if I can do this again. I don't want to get hurt.’”

Maryse explained, in addition to risking injury, performing at the physical level necessary to be in the WWE takes a lot of hard work and dedicated commitment. She wasn’t sure if she could fit that into her busy schedule of motherhood, business, and reality TV. 

“If I can put myself 100 percent into that physically, mentally, I will. I just get nervous because I like to be the best at what I do,” she said. “I love to put my all into things that I do. So if I can't be all in … My heart is, it's my brain and my body.

Maryse said she had her mind made up and wasn’t going to wrestle when they pulled up to the arena for Monday Night “Raw.” However, getting in the building and being in conversation with people behind the scenes made her quickly change her mind. 

“I told Mike, I said, 'I don't think I can do this again for all the priorities that I have in my life, my kids, my family, etc., etc,'” she said. “'No, not wrestling.' Then I get in and right away they pulled me into a room and say, ‘Hey, so this is the idea. This is what we want to do. Leading up to "Royal Rumble," what do you think?’”

“And it's a match. They want you to wrestle,” Mike added in conversation with USA Insider. “And it's like, wait a second. She literally just said 5 minutes before in the car, ‘I'm not wrestling. I'll be in the corner, I'll cut promos, I'll be a character, not wrestling.’ We get in there, we still have our suitcases. We're walking in the building!”

He adds: “She goes 'Let's do it.’ I'm like, 'Wait a second here. Didn't you just tell me no?!'”

Despite her nerves, there’s nothing that can keep the WWE’s It Couple out of the ring for too long. You can see how Maryse and Mike handle getting back into the game in upcoming episodes of “Miz & Mrs” Season 3 on USA Network. 

Miz & Mrs” airs every Monday at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

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