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Watch Mike Get Flustered Over Online Haters In First-Look 'Miz & Mrs' Season 3 Clip

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin can't focus on his golf game while his friend reads mean comments about his turn on "Dancing With The Stars." 

By Tyler McCarthy

Now that the Season 3 premiere of “Miz & Mrs” is over, it’s time to look ahead to what wild antics the couple gets up to next. It turns out that, after years of being a baddie in the WWE ring, the haters can still get to Mike.

How to Watch

Stream Seasons 1-3 of "Miz & Mrs" on Peacock.

In a preview clip for Episode 3, Mike hits the golf course with his good friend, musician Ryan Cabrera. It’s impossible to be a friend of The Miz without being open to a little friendly competition. In that spirit, they decide to bet $50 per ball off of a par three. Mike is pretty confident that he’ll win until Cabrera reveals he’s got a devious trick up his sleeve. 

He mentions Mike’s turn on “Dancing With The Stars” and how he’s getting a little bit of flak from the haters online. However, Mike says that all the feedback he’s seen is positive. 

“You can’t just read the top ones with the blue check marks, I’m talking about when you scroll down and see the real stuff people think,” Cabrera says. 

As Mike tries to focus on his golf game, his friend keeps listing comments about his dance skills and “dad bod.” Mike tells him that he can see what he’s doing, trying to get in his head so that he plays poorly. Sadly, despite seeing right through the gambit, it still works. 

“I’ve never seen him shoot so well with a big smile on his face,” Mike says. “It’s just $50 after $50 after $50. I’m going to have to go to the bank.” 

Meanwhile, back at the Manor Marmiz, Maryse is realizing what an asset Mike’s mother, Barbara, is to the household. She comes upstairs to find the place looking immaculately clean. She asks what Barbara has been up to and in the brief time Maryse was away, Barb has done three loads of laundry, organized the girls’ clothes, bathed them, and put them down for a nap. 

“Barb is really like a cleaning tornado,” she says.

The Miz notes that he gets his cleanliness from his mom, which Maryse is forced to agree with. However, will Barb’s presence in the house really remain a net positive for them? Will Mike be able to shake off comments from trolls online? Fans will just have to tune into the latest episode of “Miz & Mrs” to find out.

"Miz & Mrs" airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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