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'You're Going To Really Hate Me': Mike Mizanin Shares His Advice On Dealing With Haters

The "Miz & Mrs" star deals with haters of his WWE persona all the time. Now he's sharing his advice on how he overcomes it.

By Tyler McCarthy
The Miz And Mrs Season 3v2

After years of working as Superstars fans love to hate in the WWE ring, the stars of “Miz & Mrs” still struggle a bit when it comes to dealing with haters and trolls on social media. Fortunately, their years of expertise have given them ways of dealing that they’re now passing on to their fans. 

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Maryse and Mike Mizanin receive hatred for their in-ring antics all the time. However, in the latest episode of their USA Network reality series, Mike finds himself struggling with online haters for his run on “Dancing With The Stars.” In the episode, this makes him work twice as hard at his dances and he even ends up winning over some of his detractors. 

Speaking to USA Insider, he revealed that using people’s hatred of him as fuel for greater achievement has been his secret to success all along. 

“I always say take negativity and turn it into positivity. I use negativity to fuel my fire to prove people wrong,” he said. “A lot of times you'll see on the Internet, ‘You suck,’ ‘I hate you,’ ‘I don't like you,’ yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, guess what? If you don't like me, you're going to really hate me because I'm going to use that.”

He added: “The worst hate that you can possibly give is making me even more successful at what I’m doing. So work hard at what you're doing and dedicate yourself. And honestly, the haters are always going to be there. But prove them wrong and prove yourself right.” 

His wife, Maryse, who is no stranger to online haters herself, notes that trolling comes with the territory of success, particularly if you make a name for yourself like they have in the WWE ring. 

“We get a lot of that,” she said. “That just comes with the character. But also, as you know, as human beings, I think that you have to distance yourself from people that you don't know. You don't know these people. Why would you care what they think? You know, I think, on the Internet, it is too easy for people to just be negative and take it all out and take the hate out constantly. You just have to understand that it's not real. I don't see it as real at all."

The duo noted everyone now lives their lives online while they came from a generation that had to “memorize landline numbers” when they were young. As a result, they worry about their daughters experiencing hatred online when they’re old enough to engage with the culture. 

“Now, you know, you have so many more avenues of just hate,” Mike explained. “Usually, you can get away with, like, if you're getting bullied at school, at least you got your home and your room where you can feel safe. Now there's cyberbullying. And so it's our job, as parents, to hopefully show our kids love and respect and give them a positive atmosphere that they can really enjoy being in.” 

They feel confident that their own years of dealing with online detractors will equip them to teach their daughters how to ignore it. However, Mike notes that new avenues keep presenting themselves. 

“ I mean, who knows? What's the next thing that's going to come out there that can [make you] enjoy or ruin [your life]?” 

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