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Everything You Need To Know Before Adopting A Guard Dog Like 'Miz & Mrs'

"Miz & Mrs" showed the world there's a lot that goes into adopting a guard dog to protect and love your family. Here's some of the basics. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Maryse kissing a german shepherd dog

The latest episode of “Miz & Mrs” sees Mike and Maryse grapple with home security and whether or not Man’s Best Friend is right for the job. 

How to Watch

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The episode sees Maryse confess to Mike that she feels a little unsafe at home with the girls when he is away working as a WWE Superstar. Mike thinks the best solution to the problem is a high-tech home security system. However, Maryse just wants another dog to help her scare off any would-be home invaders. 

After some discussion, the duo decides it’s finally time to get a new guard dog for the house. However, finding a dog that’s going to be ferocious enough to give criminals what for while also being a loving cuddle bug to them and their two young girls is quite the challenge. 

Unfortunately, they’re not alone. Countless families across the country struggle with what dog breed to get as well as what to look out for when adding a new member to the family they hope will keep them safe. That also means there are tons of resources from people who have been there to help with the decision. 

Understanding The Work

If you truly want a dog that’s going to guard your household, it’s important to understand upfront that you can’t exactly just purchase that kind of dog off the rack. What you and your family are committing to is a hefty degree of training and effort, according to an expert who spoke with

“If we start training at around six months, the dog will be ready when it’s about 1.5 years old,” dog training professional Steve Robinson told the outlet. “We recommend owners do training tune-ups as well.”

Robinson notes that many simply go to a kennel and buy the most aggressive-looking dog. He says that can be dangerous. Instead, potential owners should look into training facilities and services that can help shape a dog into a worthy guard that can respond to its owner’s commands and know the difference between a threat and a playful family member. 

Knowing Your Breed

The average person may not be able to look at a collection of dogs and know which one will be good with the family, tends to be the most observant, or even learns a game like fetch well. Every dog can become a genuine member of any family. That said, if your goal is to find a dog that can help protect the household and still be a pet, the American Kennel Club recommends the following breeds — don’t worry, all of them are 100 percent adorable. 

German Shepherd
Appenzeller Sennenhund
Australian Shepherd
Doberman Pinscher
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Perro de Presa Canario

These are just a few of the most popular breeds that are good pets/guards, but the full list from the American Kennel Club can be found here

Identify Home Security Needs

Picking out the best breed for the job is important, but you don’t necessarily have to choose a physically imposing dog. Sometimes little dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies can be highly observant and highly vocal when they spot intruders or unusual activity. 

While they won’t be much good in a fight, they can often act as a terrific alarm system, which may give some families enough peace of mind to opt for something tiny and noisy.

Amount Of Exercise

In addition to having to train your dog thoroughly to meet your needs, it’s important to understand what your dog will need day-to-day as a pet. 

The American Kennel Club notes that puppies tend to require more exercise than older dogs but in shorter increments. So, when you’re getting used to a new pup, expect to have your day interrupted by little walks or games of fetch several times per day. 

Meanwhile, if you opt for a larger breed of dog, you can expect to have to carve out 30 minutes to three hours per day depending on what breed you go with. It’s important to look into the breed of dog you’re looking at purchasing or adopting to make sure your lifestyle can accommodate its needs. 

While hikes, swimming, and jogging are obvious ways to get your pet the workout it needs, indoor activities such as running stairs, tug of war, and movement on the treadmill (supervised, of course) can be good ways to ensure your dog stays in good shape and healthy. 

To see how the Mizanins deal with the idea of getting a new dog, watch “Miz & Mrs” Mondays at 11 p.m. ET/10 p.m. CT on USA Network.

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