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'Some Mission: Impossible-Type Stuff: 'Miz & Mrs' Clip Sees Mike Botch Home Security

Mike tries high-tech home security solutions that drive Maryse crazy on the latest episode of "Miz & Mrs."

By Tyler McCarthy

Mike Mizanin is all about security in the latest clip for Season 3, Episode 7 of “Miz & Mrs.” 

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When Maryse gets concerned about the family’s home security, Mike goes out and purchases some high-tech solutions that he hopes will keep him and his family safe. However, Maryse isn’t convinced. 

One night, she comes downstairs to find Mike and their daughters setting up a laser trip system that will set off the alarm in the event the beam is walked through. 

“This is like some ‘Mission: Impossible’-type stuff,” he explains in the preview

However, Maryse finds the idea silly, calling it “the most hilarious kids’ toy ever.” 

As her husband protests, arguing that the system is actually quite expensive and sophisticated, she starts demonstrating how easy it is to avoid the alarm simply by taking a larger step forward. 

“Well a burglar is not going to do that, Maryse,” a frustrated Mike says.

He adds: “The alarm will go off and the police will be there in seconds. By the way, when that alarm goes off, the burglars, highly likely, will run away.”

Before he can finish, Maryse trips the alarm. This time, though, Mike isn’t able to immediately turn it off. In fact, he has to call their security expert, Jeff, to ask how to get the alarm to stop blaring in the middle of the night. While he discusses the issue, Maryse and the girls go outside to escape the noise. 

Once he finally shuts off the system, he tells them it’s safe to come back in. However, he forgets to deactivate the alarm and their entrance simply sets it off again. He apologizes, but that’s far from the only security mishap his devices are responsible for. 

Later that night, as they’re preparing to go to bed, Maryse hears a noise and Mike explains it's the drone he purchased that will patrol the home at night, offering him a look at what’s going on throughout the house on his phone. Not only does Maryse hate the noise, but she really hates the notification it gives her husband when it spots her in the hallway. 

Mike tries to explain that this is why he wanted her to submit to facial recognition, but she’s not hearing it. It seems he’ll have to find a new home security solution ... 

But will the Mizanin family find a way to make Maryse feel safe with the girls while Mike is away? Fans will just have to tune into the latest episode of “Miz & Mrs” on Monday at 11p.m. ET/PT on USA Network to find out.

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