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Johnny Gargano Teases Damaging Miz Secret Amid Dexter Lumis Saga

It turns out Dexter Lumis has been torturing The Miz due to a huge secret — one that Johnny Gargano knows all about.

By Ethan Absler
Split image of Johnny Gargano, Dexter Lumis, and The Miz

Last night on RAW, The Miz’s biggest fear came true when he was finally scheduled to face Dexter Lumis one on one later in the episode. A cowardly Miz stayed true to character, clearly faking a knee injury prior to the bout in hopes of not being medically cleared. The A-Lister sat in a puddle of water, screaming and holding his knee before being moved to the trainer’s room. In the office, Byron Saxton asked Miz if he would be able to compete, to which he predictably answered, “No.”

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Just then, Johnny Gargano screamed “It’s Dexter Lumis," evidently scaring The Miz and causing him to jump out of his seat. With that fatal error, Saxton and Gargano realized Miz’s knee was fine, and Miz was thrown back into his long-awaited match with Lumis. For the first time in the pair’s long rivalry, however, the WWE Universe has been given a clue as to why Lumis has been terrifying The Miz, and how he can get it to stop.

As The Miz stretched out prior to his match, Gargano confirmed that he’s known Lumis for a long time and because of it, he knows the “real story” between the two. The Miz played dumb, but Gargano alluded to the fact that he knows The Miz lied or wronged Lumis in some way to cause this to happen. He reminded Miz that he can always come clean, and Lumis and his stalking would stop. The Miz, though, still denied everything.

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When it came time for the match, Lumis entered first. His ice-cold stare pierced our TV screens and mesmerized us once again, but suddenly, The Miz attacked him with a steel chair from behind, effectively canceling the match and saving himself from his biggest fear. Backstage, The Miz wasn’t in the clear yet, though, as Gargano came back again to urge him to come clean about what he did. The former NXT Champion then threatened Miz with a whistle, saying he will tell the world what Miz did if he doesn’t come clean. The Miz still acted like he had no idea what Gargano was talking about.

The storytelling in this segment was complex, but genius as it not only provided the WWE Universe with a clue for why this has been happening, but a mysterious way for The Miz to make it stop. In addition, Miz faking an injury to get out of the match added to the cowardice of his character while Lumis remained quiet, powerful, and mysterious.

We can only hope to find out what The Miz is hiding from us, but we’d advise him to come clean about his lies to save himself and his family from Lumis! In the meantime, you can relive all the creepy stuff Lumis has done to Miz, like stalking him or ruining his birthday party, on the WWE Network on Peacock.

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