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Every Weird As Hell Thing Dexter Lumis Has Done To The Miz (So Far)

The bone-chilling creepiness on display from Dexter Lumis has the WWE on notice, especially the main object of his current attraction, The Miz.

By Ethan Absler
Wwe Lumis Miz

WWE Superstar Dexter Lumis has technically stepped foot in the ring only one time on Monday Night RAW, but has had a bigger impact than many superstars in a calendar year. Lumis has put the entire roster on notice. He’s a creep and he could be lurking in any corner of the arena. Unfortunately for The Miz, it seems like Lumis has set his sights exclusively on him.

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Much to the relief of superstars such as AJ Styles and Tomasso Ciampa, who have had disturbing close calls running into Lumis in the previous weeks, Dexter really only seems solely focused on two things: The Miz and Indi Hartwell down in NXT.

Over the last month, we’ve seen Lumis appear in the most random of places on RAW, as well as make a surprising return to NXT to help his wife get her career back on track. Lumis may have “out-weirded” every other superstar in the WWE and that is saying something. So to put things into perspective, here’s a timeline of everything Lumis has done so far to terrorize The Miz.


When Dexter returned to WWE after a brief absence, he made huge waves on social media with his truly unique RAW debut on Aug. 8. Earlier in the episode, a car accident was captured on camera in the background of a Kevin Owens backstage promo. Many fans believed that this car accident was simply just that – an accident – but some fans knew nothing happens by mistake in WWE.

When Lumis emerged in the front row during the main event that night, fans drew a connection between the bizarre car crash and Dexter’s sudden crashing of the main event. As AJ Styles and The Miz did their best to ignore Lumis, he was dragged away by RAW security. This was the first taste the WWE Universe got of Lumis and his ice cold stare on the main roster, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

First Kidnapping

The fact that we even have to title this section of the article “First Kidnapping” should tell you everything you need to know about Dexter Lumis.

A week after Lumis' debut, AJ Styles teamed with Bobby Lashley to take on The Miz and Ciampa in a tag team main event on RAW. The match itself was awesome, but it’s the ending set the WWE Universe abuzz.

As Lashley began building momentum against his opponents, what looked to be an overzealous fan tried to hop the barricade. Security stopped the man, but it turns out, this was no fan; it was Dexter Lumis again! The four superstars in the ring did their best to ignore Lumis, but when The Miz and AJ Styles took the fight outside the ring, they got a little too close to the mysterious Tortured Artist. His infamous stare pierced our TV screens once again as he dragged Miz over the barricade, down the ramp and into the unknown. The WWE Universe didn't hear from The Miz for a week until he appeared on RAW again, refusing to tell the story of his trauma.

Because The Miz wouldn’t talk about what happened, police had no option but to release Dexter Lumis back into the public.

Second Kidnapping

Okay… what in the world is going on here and how has Lumis managed to kidnap The Miz again?! What does he want?

This week on RAW, The Miz challenged Bobby Lashley for his United States Championship inside of a steel cage. Before the match, The Miz and Ciampa jumped Lashley, giving them the upper hand once the bell rang. When The Miz believed he inflicted enough damage on Lashley, he scaled the side of the cage in an attempt to win the match via escape. As an unconscious Lashley laid motionless on the ground, it seemed like Miz was going to win another U.S. Title. Just then, the familiar stare of Lumis graced our screens yet again and he slid out from underneath the ring right where The Miz would’ve escaped the cage. A scared Miz scurried back up the side and hopped back inside the cage where he was protected from Lumis. The only issue with that strategy – now he had to deal with Bobby Lashley who proceeded to Spear Miz in half and pick up the victory to retain his title. As the cage rose, Lumis stalked his prey. He slid into the ring and choked out the terrified Miz before throwing him over his shoulders and leaving the arena with him again.

Where is Lumis taking The Miz? What does he want from him? What the heck is going on in WWE right now? Tune into RAW next week to see if The Miz has been returned or if Lumis will explain his actions.

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