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Hall of Famer Mick Foley Sees "Big Things" For Jade Cargill's WWE Debut

Mick Foley didn't hold back as he raved about newly-signed WWE Superstar Jade Cargill on the latest edition of his podcast.

By Chris Phelan
Split of Mick Foley and Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill's impending WWE debut isn't just captivating the WWE Universe – even legendary Hall of Famers are praising one of the hottest wrestling free-agent signings in a long time.

Mick Foley Reveals Excitement About Jade Cargill Joining WWE

Mick Foley speaking into a mic inside the ring

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During a recent episode of Foley is Pod, the hardcore legend Mick Foley revealed himself to be just as excited about Jade Cargill's WWE signing as the rest of the world is. In Foley's eyes, there's one reason WWE jumped at the opportunity to lock down an athlete like Jade: She possesses the "it" factor that cannot be taught. 

"Oh man, you talk about the 'it' factor – she just really jumps off the page," Foley confessed. "It just remains to be seen whether they want to introduce her with a bang."

Foley alluded to the fact that Cargill made the rounds in the media when her signing was made official. When ESPN dedicates entire segments to a WWE Superstar who has yet to compete in the ring, you know that person is a big deal.

"Giving her the day to do media is the way you break in a star," he stated.

From the sounds of it, Jade already looks and talks like a WWE Superstar – something that many others have to work on throughout their careers. Still, Foley cautioned WWE for not "dropping the ball," so to speak, with an elite talent like Jade.

"If WWE can't make her a major star, then they are failing in the worst way possible," he declared. "So I think they will – and I think she will rise to the occasion. She's somebody whose upside is almost immeasurable. She's just going to continue to be better, but she's got that look – and not just the look, but the presence as well. I see big things for her in WWE."

It's tantalizing to predict what kind of success Jade Cargill will have once she officially gets in the ring. Does she have a ceiling? Jade already seems destined to be clashing with established WWE greats like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka. Jade's even gone on the record by saying she thinks a WrestleMania main event bout against Bianca Belair with a championship on the line would be a dream match for her!

Which WWE Show Will Jade Cargill Debut On?

Jade Cargill smiles for the camera at an event

The WWE Universe is wondering which WWE show Jade will debut on following her announcement. Could we see her being called to the main roster on Raw or SmackDown, or will she get her feet wet in NXT first? Mick Foley told his podcast audience that, although he appreciates the value of NXT, he thinks WWE should strap the proverbial rocket to Jade and have her make an impact for her first appearance.

"I am all in favor of making the big splash right away," Foley revealed. "I understand the value of NXT, but I think when you have somebody like that you want to make that big splash right away, like they did with AJ Styles, like they did with Cody, and that would be a perfect way to do it."

Would Cody Rhodes' WWE return have been as memorable if he randomly appeared on an episode of Raw? Maybe, maybe not. But the Royal Rumble has traditionally been the event featuring unforgettable returns and debuts, so common sense says the January event may be the best time to introduce Jade Cargill to the WWE Universe. But is that too far in the future?

Should Jade Cargill Wait to Debut at the 2024 Royal Rumble?

Close up of Jade Cargill

The WWE Universe is torn over how Jade should be properly introduced. Should Jade make a statement with her arrival – similar, as Foley alluded to, the Royal Rumble debut of AJ Styles in 2016:

In sports entertainment, presentation is everything. AJ Styles entered WWE as an established and accomplished independent wrestler, but WWE presented him in a way that screamed "Superstar." To do anything less for Jade Cargill would seem like a massive misstep. Considering all the media attention that major sports outlets have given to Jade in recent weeks, we think her eventual debut will be a big splash – but the Royal Rumble is still months away, and we know the WWE Universe can't wait that long! A Rumble debut would be iconic for one of the most athletic women in wrestling history, but time is of the essence: WWE knows to strike while the iron's hot, which makes us think her debut will come sooner than we think.

That means that the WWE Universe must stay glued to every show – Jade Cargill can debut at any moment. Future episodes of NXT, Raw, and SmackDown are all in play – as is an appearance at Fastlane this weekend!

As Mick Foley said, we can't wait to see what "big things" are in store for the hottest WWE prospect in ages.

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