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Where Is The Cast Of 'Love Island' Season 2 Now?

The top four couples of 'Love Island' Season 2 may not all be together anymore, but they're still doing interesting things.

By Tyler McCarthy
Love Island Season 2 Couples4

Love Island” Season 2 had some of the most shocking moments and explosive uncouplings of the series to date.

The season was waylaid thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but managed to finally premiere at a villa on a gorgeous rooftop in Las Vegas that was safe for them to film in. The entire season was rife with twists, turns and, of course, drama. In the end, four couples made their way to the finale, but did their romance last beyond that? 

Let’s check in with the couples on “Love Island” Season 2 and see where they’re at today. 

Justine Ndiba & Caleb Corprew

After getting together during Day 12 of the Las Vegas-based season, Justine and Caleb were the couple to beat, with viewers and fellow villa guests alike thinking their bond was simply unbreakable. Although that took them all the way to the finale, earning them the $100,000 grand prize, things didn’t last after the season ended. 

They announced their breakup and Caleb then made a video revealing they’d been separated for quite some time even before the announcement. Today, they're using the newfound fame they gained from the show to elevate their respective careers. Like many who come to the island, they both pursued lucrative careers in modeling and showcase the various brands they’re working with on Instagram

In addition, Justine placed third on the first season of “The Challenge: USA” where she put her physical skills to the test after showing the world her romantic side on “Love Island.” 

Cely Vazquez & Johnny Middlebrooks

This duo coupled up on Day 2 of “Love Island USA” Season 2 and remained together all the way to the end. Despite their long-lasting bond, they couldn’t win out over Justine and Caleb and finished as the runners-up of the season.

Sadly, their relationship didn’t last and the duo announced mere months after the show ended that they had decided mutually to call it quits. 

However, their reality career did not end there. Cely appeared alongside Justine on “The Challenge: USA.” Meanwhile, Johnny went on to appear on “The Challenge: Ride Or Die.” Before that experience, he appeared on the “Jersey Shore” spinoff “All Star Shore,” which takes people famous from other reality shows and puts them in a villa together. 

When they’re not on camera they’re both pursuing careers. Johnny is an aspiring actor while Cely is promoting her blossoming music career

Moira Tuman & Calvin Cobb

These two had one of the rockier romances on “Love Island” in Season 2 thanks to a near relationship-breaking controversy at Casa Amor. However, they worked things out and made it all the way to third place. As expected, though, they broke up shortly after the finale. 

Today, they’re both enjoying very successful modeling careers. He’s worked with several key brands and has posed for Native Magazine many times. Meanwhile, Moira is living it up in Miami and working on her own modeling and acting career as well, according to her website

Laurel Goldman & Carrington Rodriguez

Like the rest of the people on this list, Laurel and Carrington did not last much longer as a couple once the show ended. 

Fortunately, according to their respective Instagram accounts, both have moved on with new people and are in committed relationships. When it comes to their careers, both have relocated since the show and began modeling careers. This is extra impressive for Laurel, who arrived in the villa almost halfway through the season, meaning she capitalized on her time on “Love Island” more than perhaps any other contestant who appeared. 

Catch up on “Love Island” Season 2 on Peacock now. 

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