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Love Island Games Winners Talk Life After the Show, Holiday Plans & Competition Advice

Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler share their relationship status and advice for future Love Island Games contestants. 

By Shameika Rhymes
Jack carries Justine in his arms

It was a battle to the finish line of Peacock’s new spinoff Love Island Games, filled with challenges, couples, games, and lots of drama.

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Through it all, Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler came out on top as the winners of Love Island Game’s inaugural season. Justine is no stranger to the winner’s circle, as she made history in Love Island USA’s Season 2 as part of the first Black couple to win the franchise.

“I’m just out here doing my best,” Justine humbly said in an interview with USA Insider, as Jack cheered her on yelling, “Two-time champ!” But they both agree that winning this show since it’s the first one, it’s “incredible and iconic.”

The pair spoke with USA Insider after their win to share where they are now in their relationship, and give some advice if you hope to go on Love Island Games in the future. 

Before the semi-final, they had to eliminate Ray and Imani

One of the biggest moments was when the couple had to vote to eliminate Ray and Imani. Ray didn’t take it very well since he felt like they stabbed him in the back.

“I think Ray was completely himself then, and if that’s how Ray felt, then no one can really judge that,” Jack said. “If it were the other way around, and I’m playing devil's advocate here, but I would personally have understood the logic behind the decision, maybe a bit more than letting my emotions overwhelm myself. That’s not to say Ray dealt with it wrongly or right.

"It’s just Love Island Games, and it’s about the game, and we made it clear many times that it was nothing personal,” he continued. 

Are Justine and Jack still together?

Jack and Justine hold hands in the villa

From the moment they locked eyes on day one, they both felt an instant attraction.

“I remember walking into the villa because I walked up through the beach, and Justine walked towards me from the swing and her smile was just beaming and I was like ‘wow’,” Jack reminisced.

“You don’t miss him in a crowd of people, he’s so tall, and just all that body, he is fine,” Justine added.

As they coupled up and got to know each other better, their feelings started to grow for each other. “Justine’s personality and her heart, just everything about her, it’s just so great,” Jack said.

“I got to know him and his personality too, and I just love that he’s all jokes, and I feel like we balance each other out in that way,” Justine said. 

But now that they are out of the villa, are they together?

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“As far as our relationship status, I would say doing our best with the circumstances, with the distance. The connection is definitely there, and we like each other a lot,” Justine explained. 

Justine and Jack’s Holiday Plans

As many may have noticed, the couple has been cozy on Justine and Cely’s YouTube recaps over the past week.

Jack said he flew from the U.K. to spend some time together with Justine (without cameras) in Los Angeles.

“Next for us, Jack is making me Thanksgiving dinner,” Justine said. She added that they don’t celebrate it in the U.K., so they are going to spend it together at her home.

It sounds like the menu is still a work in progress, but for now, Jack is planning on, “beans on toast at the moment, that’s what she is happy about,” he joked. Justine promised to share a YouTube video about the entire experience of Jack’s Thanksgiving spread. 

Advice for future Love Island Games contestants 

Split of Love Island Games's Justine and Jack

For any Love Islanders thinking of rising to the challenge and venturing onto Love Island Games, Jack and Justine have some advice to help with winning.

“I would say [a good contestant] is somebody who goes in there without any expectations. I feel like the first time around, I was open to love and the whole experience, but I wasn’t expecting to make it all the way to the end. With this one, I’m not necessarily open to connections, but I don’t know how far I’ll make it, but my expectations were low and I was confident in what I brought to the table with my skill set when it comes to games and socializing,” Justine explained. “So, I would say just don’t put pressure or expectations on anything and be your authentic self and everything will play out."

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Jack agreed: “My advice would be if you are able to go back onto Love Island because you were yourself, and you were loved in your first season, don’t change anything, go be yourself and try and win the challenges."

There you have it, advice from the winners and hopefully a second season to see if anyone takes their valuable words of wisdom. 

You can watch all of Love Island Games streaming now on Peacock.

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