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Logan Paul Accepts Triple H's SmackDown Invite As Roman Reigns Controversy Heats Up

The fallout from Roman Reigns’ appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast comes to a head!

By Chris Phelan
Split image of Logan Paul and Roman Reigns

It’s been a wild 48 hours. We reported earlier this week on the challenge that Logan Paul laid down to Roman Reigns to meet him one-on-one in the ring — and now it looks like that entire situation is going to be dealt with head-on tonight on SmackDown!

Everything that led up to today unfolded on Twitter over the past few days, so let’s rewind for a moment and look at how we got to his point.

It all started with the now-infamous podcast appearance. Sure, Roman Reigns got in a few playful shots at Logan Paul during his time on the show, but the interview was primarily Reigns unveiling the human side of him for the world to see. It was a fresh, candid look at the larger-than-life Superstar that won over a lot of fans who may not have ever seen Reigns open up like that before.

It wasn’t until Reigns left the studio that Paul decided enough was enough; it seems he was tired of the adoration strewn upon the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion by his IMPAULSIVE co-hosts. In a shocking moment, he threw down the challenge while looking directly at the camera before his podcast feed abruptly cut off: “You put me against Roman Reigns I think I would win. Me versus Roman Reigns. One-on-one. That’s my match.”

It was a moment that threw the WWE Universe for a loop. Not only is Logan Paul a newcomer to the scene, but Roman Reigns is embroiled in feuds with multiple Superstars on television already, pulling the champion in multiple directions. Simple logic would lead you to believe that Reigns would be somewhat above responding to a challenge like this, but that’s not what happened. After all, Reigns has reached the pinnacle of WWE by never backing down from somebody running their mouth:

It seems like it wasn’t the challenge itself that poked the bear. No, it was the two-facedness that Logan Paul showed. It was the fact that the challenge wasn’t said to Reigns’ face, but it was said as soon as he left the studio.

It was only appropriate for Reigns to instruct Paul Heyman to “handle” the situation, as his advocate has made a career out of doing:

At this point, one would think that Logan Paul might’ve started backing off from his provocative comments toward Reigns. For a Superstar like Paul, it’s all about the attention, after all — more controversy and more people talking equals more people tuning in to his podcast.

But in a somewhat surprising turn of events, Logan Paul stood his ground, responding directly to Paul Heyman himself on Twitter:

At this point, the back-and-forth between the two camps was getting to be a little “too much talk, not enough action.”

Enter Triple H.

He’s no stranger to epic feuds, and of course, he’s always about doing what’s best for business.

That’s why he made it easy for Logan Paul. Triple H took advantage of his own unique position of power in WWE and gave him an open invitation to put his money where his mouth is by inviting him to appear on tonight’s episode of SmackDown!

Spoiler alert: Within an hour, Logan Paul promptly accepted this invitation, tweeting back a simple “say less” in response.

And now, tonight’s edition of SmackDown becomes infinitely more interesting: Logan Paul will be in the building, as will Roman Reigns. If the two men find themselves face-to-face in front of a sold-out crowd in Anaheim, California, one of two scenarios can take place:

Logan Paul can walk back his challenge, apologize to Roman Reigns, and continue his still-burgeoning WWE career without having to cross paths with the man who has held the Universal Title for over two years and counting.

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But let’s be honest. That’s probably not the outcome that will happen. Triple H saw an opportunity to create a moment, to catch lightning in a bottle. He didn’t extend an invitation for Logan Paul to appear on SmackDown tonight so Paul could tuck his tail between his legs and rescind his challenge.

So here’s what we all can look forward to: Logan Paul, in all likelihood, will continue to run his mouth tonight. Like him or not, one of the most polarizing people in the entire world of entertainment will have a moment tonight with Roman Reigns and the Bloodline. That’s enough to tune in right there.

As for tonight, a few questions remain hanging in the air: How will Roman Reigns respond? Will the war of words between the two that started on social media escalate into a war of words in the middle of the ring? Will Reigns stay silent on the matter, or will he personally acknowledge the challenge Logan Paul laid down?

Or will he simply just lay Logan Paul out?

We’ll find out tonight.

You can watch Roman Reigns and Logan Paul's latest exploits and catch up with the entire WWE Universe on Peacock.