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Logan Paul Renews WWE Contract – Will It Rub the Locker Room the Wrong Way?

Once again, controversy is following the infamous YouTuber-turned-Superstar.

By Chris Phelan
Close up image of Logan Paul

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Arguably the most naturally gifted Superstar of all time has renewed his contract with WWE, sparking rumors about what’s next. No, we’re not talking about Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, or Bianca Belair – we’re talking about Logan Paul, the controversial YouTuber-turned-wrestler who has shocked the sports entertainment world ever since he burst onto the scene just over a year ago.

Logan Paul Officially Renews WWE Contract

In typical Logan Paul fashion, he wasted no time sharing the big news, posting a definitely-not-photoshopped image of him and Triple H with the simple caption that read, “Contract renewed.”

Re-signing Paul is a massive coup for WWE based on raw talent alone. Rumors have been flying post-WrestleMania that Logan Paul would leave the promotion to focus on his other business ventures. Triple H knew he couldn’t let one of his biggest stars walk, so we assume he backed up the metaphorical Brinks truck to Paul’s house with an offer the social media mogul couldn’t refuse. 

Logan Paul’s Impressive Rookie Year

With Paul locked into the WWE ecosystem for the foreseeable future, one question remains: What’s next for the phenom? No Superstar in WWE history has had a rookie year like Logan Paul – his “greatest moments” playlist may very well contain more jaw-dropping feats of athleticism than most current Superstars have in their entire career retrospectives.

With that being said, is Logan Paul going to be susceptible to the dreaded teacher’s pet syndrome? After all, he’s already beloved by Triple H and the rest of the WWE brass – will this rub some of his fellow Superstars the wrong way? 

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Although one Superstar already has cautioned the brash Paul to watch his steps, will more competitors protest Paul’s preferential treatment? It will be interesting to see how the rest of the WWE locker room acts in the wake of Paul’s (most likely) lucrative new contract in the coming weeks and months. If Paul is genuinely the anointed one, we have to imagine it will rub some people the wrong way since it’s exceedingly rare for WWE to show such faith in someone who was a complete outsider to the wrestling business less than two years ago.

Will the WWE Locker Room Embrace Logan Paul?

It seems Paul has skipped the line to even the most cynical members of the WWE Universe. It’s not like he started his career in NXT or against lesser opponents on RAW or SmackDown – instead, he debuted at WrestleMania. As a result, he found himself challenging for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship despite only having two matches under his belt. 

For someone like Seth Rollins – who decisively beat Logan Paul at WrestleMania – this could be perceived as a slap in the face. There hasn’t been a more “company man” than Rollins over the years and based on the way that WWE has been rolling out the red carpet for Paul – while giving him plenty of opportunities to advertise his private business ventures on WWE television – we wouldn’t be surprised if Rollins sees this as a massive sign of disrespect. 

Looking past potential locker room drama, however, it’s impossible for the WWE Universe not to drool over the potential matchups that can be had now that Logan Paul has renewed his contract. Of course, we’ve already seen Paul memorably clash (literally!) with Ricochet at the Royal Rumble, so a match between those two makes sense – and it’s a bout we hope to see very soon. But what about a high-stakes matchup with Cody Rhodes? Brock Lesnar? Anything is on the table for Logan Paul; in that respect, we’re excited. 

Regardless of how you feel about Logan Paul as a person, his in-ring talent is undeniable, and his WWE contract renewal essentially places a bullseye on his back. Plenty of Superstars will be itching at the opportunity to take Paul down a notch or two, and as a result, Paul may quickly realize that the next chapter of his WWE career may not play out exactly how his rookie year did.

You’re in the big leagues now, kid. 

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