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LA Knight Claps Back Against The Miz Ahead of Their Match at WWE Payback 2023

Did anyone in the WWE Universe think LA Knight would actually let Miz's mockery slide?

By Chris Phelan
Split of L.A. Knight and The Miz

It's been four days since The Miz unleashed a spot-on impersonation of LA Knight on Monday Night RAW, but don't think for a second that Knight is letting Miz off the hook.

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While the two Superstars are scheduled to clash at WWE Payback on September 2, The Miz clearly has gotten his opponent's skin recently. While the WWE Universe is well aware of the controversy surrounding LA Knight and his eerily similar mannerisms and cadence as certain WWE Hall of Famers, Miz's actions on RAW were viewed as a step too far. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, outright mocking a man will likely earn any WWE Superstar a beatdown in the ring!

We have to give The Miz credit: If the WWE Universe closed their eyes, they would've absolutely thought LA Knight was actually the one talking on the microphone!

What Does LA Knight Think of The Miz's Mocking Impersonation?

La Knight talking into a mic

Somehow, their rivalry has gotten even more personal over recent weeks, and Miz's mocking of Knight's mannerisms will only make their match at Payback even more intense. But LA Knight couldn't help but respond to The Miz's recent actions during an appearance on the Wednesday edition of the Claibs Online YouTube show.

"I don't know, this past Monday, he dressed up like me and that makes sense doesn't it?" Knight asked rhetorically. "He is jealous of me, and you know why? Because he's always wanted to be me. I'm not saying he knew who LA Knight was years ago – what I mean is that he wanted the level of success that I've come across. He wanted the adulation that I've come across, he's wanted the reactions that I've gotten, people chanting his name, quoting him. Instead, the best reaction he's ever got in his entire career was walking out as me a couple nights ago on RAW."

The Miz has made a career out of being controversial, dedicated, callous, and sneaky all at once – but this is the first time a fellow WWE Superstar has accused the former two-time WWE Champion of being a hypocrite. LA Knight minced no words as he accused The Miz of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

"He was talking about me doing cosplay, yet here he is – actually literally doing cosplay and he's doing cosplay of three guys that are all on a completely different level from him," LA Knight explained. "He's putting me on that same level with them and putting himself on another level – which is below all of us."

Does LA Knight Borrow Mannerisms From The Rock and Steve Austin?

Split image of Stone Cold Steve Austin, LA Knight and The Rock

Of course, the other two "guys" Knight is referring to are known other than WWE Hall of Famers The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. There's a small contingent in the WWE Universe who believe Knight has been a little more than subtly influenced by their mannerisms and speaking styles – an accusation that Knight has consistently shaken off. As far as The Miz is concerned, Knight believes it comes down to one obvious fact: The Miz can't handle that 2023 has been the year of LA Knight.

"Well, I mean if you look at what Michael Cole said on SmackDown a couple weeks ago, he said The Miz is jealous… and I'd have to agree," Knight confessed. "I think I showed up on RAW a couple nights after winning the Slim Jim Battle Royale, had to go in and do a couple photo shoots and stuff like that – and here he is getting upset about it."

A WWE Premium Live Event rarely features a one-on-one match between two Superstars with the confidence levels Miz and Knight have. The Miz is no stranger to success in WWE – he's a bonafide crossover Superstar with a hit television series and countless TV appearances under his belt. It can't be understated how hard The Miz has worked to become the competitor he is today. LA Knight, comparably, seems to be the living and breathing embodiment of the future of professional wrestling. It's fitting that two of the most confident WWE Superstars of all time will clash in a match that will propel the winner into the stratosphere in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

On September 2, the war of words – and mockery – between LA Knight and The Miz comes to an end. Does LA Knight have what it takes to defeat one of the most accomplished WWE Superstars in history and continue his meteoric ascent to the top of the WWE? The WWE Universe will find out tomorrow, live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – only on Peacock.

You can tune in to Peacock to watch WWE's Payback on September 2. In the meantime, catch up on all things WWE Universe on Peacock.

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