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Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha Proves Why She’s The NASCAR Queen With This 'Track Mom Hack'

Kyle Busch may be NASCAR’s perennial firebrand, but when it comes to lighting up social media, Samantha Busch reigns supreme.      

By Andrew Woodin
Kyle and Samantha Busch pouring a cocktail

There are street smarts, there are book smarts, and then, on a level all to its own, there’s the type of brilliant ingenuity displayed by Samantha Busch, wife of two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch, that has us all kicking ourselves, wondering, "Why the hell didn’t we think of that?"

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While rocking a sporty, checkered-flag printed jacket, the self-anointed NASCAR queen Samantha gave her and Kyle’s fans a behind-the-scenes look via Instagram at an often-overlooked yet absolutely crucial element to having an excellent, Rowdy-approved fan experience at the race track: the adult beverage.

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We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t there enough booze at a NASCAR race to turn a rhino into Sleeping Beauty? Sure, “dranks” and NASCAR events go together like peas and carrots, but have you seen how much beer costs at a race, let alone wine? Ain’t nobody got time or the wallet for that. Well, you might ask, what about packing a cooler? Hey, if you want to lug around 20 pounds of iced-down brews and risk missing the latest iteration of the ongoing Denny Hamlin-Ross Chastain feud unfold, then, by all means, be our guest, but we have a race to watch and a thirst to quench. Thus, the “track hack” by Samantha — the NASCAR hero we don’t deserve but sorely need.

There are really only a couple of items needed to execute Samantha’s “track hack.” In her Instagram video, Samantha pours some wine into an insulated travel thermos, and after cutting off a tea bag and putting it aside, she then carefully places the tea bag string in the thermos and closes it up, so the tea bag tab then hangs down on the outside of the thermos. And voilà, your concealed carry is ready to go!

Being the wife of future NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Kyle Busch, Samantha has more street cred at any oval or speedway than most people could ever dream of. Having been by Rowdy’s side for all his ups and downs, she knows those tracks like the back of her Manolo Blahnik pumps. Not only that, Samantha’s an author, lifestyle blogger, fashionista and bona fide entrepreneur — a trusted recipe of venerable monikers that all coalesce to declare definitively that this woman knows her stuff.

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