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'The Hardcore Legend' Mick Foley Drops Wild Music Video Onto Unsuspecting Internet

Add another accomplishment to the WWE Hall of Famer’s resume!

By Chris Phelan
Mick Foley speaking into a mic inside the ring

Mick Foley is a man of many talents. His list of accomplishments runs the gamut: multiple-time WWE Champion, WWE Hall of Famer, New York Times best-selling author, award-winning podcast host, and being universally recognized as a genuinely good person and father. His career in professional wrestling spanned not only several decades but several characters, as he spent years performing in WWE as Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love.

As of this past weekend, you can add another accomplishment to Foley’s storied career: Star of his own music video.

It’s true, the man whose meteoric rise to fame started when he took the biggest fall in WWE history has released a music video, and in true Mick Foley fashion, it’s a little irreverent and a little weird, but totally awesome.

Music fans will immediately recognize that the accompanying music is a parody of the 1979 Anita Ward smash hit “Ring My Bell.” As it turns out, Foley has repurposed the song to reflect the nickname he has given himself on his FOLEY is POD podcast: “Mr. In Your House.”

Foley coined that particular nickname for himself as a testament to his legendary matches he participated in during a time frame that arguably could be called the prime of his career. From his “Mind Games” classic against Shawn Michaels and his Buried Alive Match against the Undertaker in 1996 to the unforgettable and chaotic WWE Championship match against Steve Austin at 1998’s “Over the Edge” event, Mick Foley had some of his best matches ever at the “In Your House” series of pay-per-views in the late '90s.

So yes, while we’re not usually fans of giving yourself a nickname, in this case, for the Hardcore Legend himself, we’ll give credit where credit is due: “Mr. In Your House” is about as perfect a nickname that exists.

Fans will be happy to know that the music video itself — a wonderful low-fi work of art that pays homage to Foley’s famous DIY approach to his professional wrestling career — is chock full of little nods to Foley’s career.

Never one to shy away from dressing up, all three of the “Faces of Foley” make an appearance during the video, and all three iterations look like they’re having fun, as Mick Foley always did when he was performing for the WWE Universe.

One of the highlights of the video is a verse that features Foley fully decked out in his throwback Mankind attire, singing lines such as, “I am the king of secondary shows” while footage of his “Mind Games” battle in Philadelphia is shown.

Hey Mick, don’t sell yourself short — we think you were the king of the big shows too!

(By the way, that looks like the original Mankind mask that Foley is sporting during the video, so now we want nothing more than a look inside the closets of Mick Foley’s home. There’s probably some unreal WWE merch and props from over the years sitting in there! How can we make this happen?)

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And call us crazy, but is the music video intercut with the famous static television effect that rose to prominence during ECW’s run in the late '90s? It would make sense: Mick Foley had a memorable stint in ECW, bringing over his Cactus Jack character to Philadelphia to play mind games on the Paul Heyman faithful for a few years in between his runs in WCW and WWE.

The music video truly has it all: Throwback Mick Foley characters (complete with character-specific voices — hearing the wailing Mankind voice once again was fantastic), bizarre backup singers and dancers (who were they? The world needs to know!) and a reminder to everybody that there was no one quite like Mick Foley.

While we’re not anticipating another music video drop from the Hardcore Legend anytime soon, this one sure brightened up our Monday. And hey, thanks to watching this, the WWE Universe is well on its way to “having a nice day," just like Mankind would want.

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