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'He's Going To Get A Piece Of My Mind': Ezekiel's Entire 'Family' Sets Sights On Kevin Owens

In Kevin Owens' mission to uncover the truth of Ezekiel and Elias, the brothers' whole family stepped in to deliver a warning.

By Ethan Absler
Kevin Owens Ezekiel2

Kevin Owens has been on a mission for months to prove that Ezekiel is really just Elias in disguise, but that mission got a whole lot more complicated last night on RAW.

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Two weeks ago, Kevin Owens was set to face off one-on-one in a match with Ezekiel. Instead, Owens jumped Ezekiel before the match even started. He tossed him out of the ring before PowerBombing him onto the ring apron and sending him to the hospital.

Last night, before Owens could even attempt to convince fans that Ezekiel didn’t exist, WWE cut to a health update featuring Ezekiel in the hospital with his “whole family.”

The family photo was clearly, poorly photoshopped as an injured Ezekiel laid in a hospital bed in full wrestling gear, surrounded by his family members including Elrod, Elias, his mother, and his father, Ernie Jr … who all looked suspiciously like Elias.

Fans were lucky enough to hear an injury update from Ezekiel’s father, Ernie Jr., who vowed that he would get revenge for his son and destroy Kevin Owens. Ernie Jr. of course was Ezekiel dressed as an older man!

“If I ever get my hands on Kevin Owens, he’s going to get a piece of my mind. I’ll tell you that much,” Ernie Jr. warned sternly.

The entire segment was hilarious and left fans buzzing on social media. WWE has managed to create a genuinely funny and lighthearted wrestling matchup that can still be taken seriously by all fans. As time continues to move forward, we can expect Ezekiel to recover from his injuries.

Hopefully, for Kevin Owens, the rest of the family doesn’t travel to RAW, especially Ernie Jr.!

Tune into RAW next week on the USA Network to find out if Ezekiel has recovered from his injuries, or if his father Ernie Jr. shows up on his behalf!

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