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Laughing Kevin Owens Puts Ezekiel On A Stretcher In Latest Elias/Ezekiel-Fueled Feud

Kevin Owens remains determined to prove Ezekiel is actually Elias in disguise!

By Ethan Absler
Ezekiel being wheeled away on a stretcher

Last night on RAW, WWE announced the blockbuster match between Kevin Owens and Ezekiel. The two have been feuding for a few months now over the fact that Owens is sure Ezekiel is actually WWE Superstar Elias! Of course, Ezekiel says he is the younger brother of Elias, but Owens still refuses to buy it. Becoming more infuriated by the WWE Universe’s belief that Ezekiel and Elias are two different people, KO has made it his mission to end Ezekiel's career and prove he is not who he says he is.

Last night, Owens finally got his opportunity and he didn’t let it go to waste. Coming to the ring laser-focused, he never took his eye off the ball. The second the match began, Owens rushed toward Ezekiel, hitting him with a fury of fists and kicks before tossing him out of the ring. He followed Ezekiel to the outside before giving him his signature PowerBomb onto the ring apron.

This is one of the most devastating and impactful moves in all of WWE and Kevin Owens delivered it to Ezekiel on the hardest part of the ring. Ezekiel lay in agony for a few seconds before the referee called for paramedics to come and take a look at the damage. The match quickly ended from there and Ezekiel was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to a local medical facility with possible injuries to his midsection.

KO watched from inside the ring and laughed before making his way backstage. When asked why he did what he did, Owens said it’s because Ezekiel doesn’t even know who he is — but Owens knows exactly who he is. He put out a warning to the WWE Universe that although he’s been gone a few months, this is still the Kevin Owens show and the rest of the WWE has been put on notice.

Tune into Monday Night RAW next week on USA Network to see the fallout of Kevin Owens’ warning and the attack on Ezekiel.

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