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Dolph Ziggler Assists Bobby Lashley & Riddle After Theory Attempts Illegal Move Ahead Of SummerSlam

Dolph Ziggler helped Bobby Lashley and Riddle in their match against Seth Rollins and Theory after he noticed an illegal move.

By Gina Tron
Wwe Lashley Dolph2

Dolph Ziggler wriggled his way into a match on the most recent WWE’s Monday Night Raw in order to assist Riddle and Bobby Lashley to triumph.

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When Riddle and Bobby Lashley took on Theory and Seth Rollins for the main event of the night, it didn’t start off looking too hot for Lashley and his barefooted ally. Theory seemed to dominate Riddle nearly immediately with a series of hard left hands. However, Lashley tagged in to save Riddle and he managed to keep them afloat for a bit as he fought off Rollins in his colorfully decorated leggings.

Midway through the match, Ziggler waltzed toward the ring looking dapper in a suit and tie. He sat ringside to watch the wild match.

And that match soon turned after Rollins swooped in to save Theory from Riddle. At that point, Lashley ambushed Rollins, throwing him through the barricade.

The fight for glory was on! This time just between Theory and Riddle — and it's no theory that Theory didn't want to fight fair. When Theory attempted to cheat, Ziggler decided he simply couldn't stand for that, and the ringside Superstar stepped in as Theory tried to make an illegal pin on Riddle.

He helped shove Theory’s feet off the ropes, rescuing Riddle and giving him the chance to defeat the dirty cheater. Riddle made the finishing move, hitting an RKO for the win. Then, as the match was over and as the show went off the air, Ziggler hit Theory with a superkick.

A true kicker!

That's certainly not the end of it, though. Some of the opponents will definitely fight again; Lashley will go on to fight Theory at SummerSlam, while Riddle, who has been on a streak lately, will go on to face Roman Reigns. The two had duked it out amongst six others at the Money in the Bank ladder match over the weekend. And while neither won, Riddle did eliminate Rollins from the match with a Super RKO off the ladders.

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