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The Creepiest Moments In WWE History: Snake Bites, Coffins, Kidnappings & More

Just in time for Halloween, here are a few of the scariest moments from WWE history!

By Ethan Absler
The Undertaker entering the ring

The WWE is no stranger to creepy characters. From The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt to Kane and The Boogeyman, these scary Superstars have brought with them a plethora of skin-crawling and frightening moments.

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Just in time for Halloween, USA Insider looks back on just a few of the most chilling and horrifying moments from WWE history that fans will never forget.

Jake’s Snake Takes A Macho-Sized Bite

Photo of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage

In November 1991, Jake Roberts shocked the world when he lured “Macho Man” Randy Savage to the ring, trapped him in the ropes, and let his snake bite the arm of Savage — for real. Audience members covered their eyes, people watching at home cried, and children never forgot the traumatic moment when the snake simply wouldn’t let go of Savage’s arm. The bite, which was meticulously planned backstage, took some serious convincing to happen as there is no way to fake a snake bite or do it safely. As the snake tore at Savage’s arm, blood dripped down his bicep and the announcers screamed into their headsets.

According to Macho Man, the snake was venomoid (meaning it had undergone a surgical procedure to remove or inhibit its production of venom). However, he still suffered a 104-degree fever that put him in the hospital a few days later. He also claims his arm “blew up like a balloon,” but it was all worth it for one of the greatest segments in wrestling history. The incident also did wonders for Roberts' career, as he seemed more dangerous and feared than ever after finally letting his snake bite someone.

The Undertaker Locks Ultimate Warrior In Casket

Undertaker standing in a coffin

In another horrifying moment from 1991, The Ultimate Warrior found himself in a feud with The Undertaker and made the grave mistake of appearing on Paul Bearer’s “Funeral Parlor Superstars” show. As Warrior approached Bearer, he was presented with a custom airtight coffin with his logo on it. A perplexed and scared Warrior was so distracted by Bearer and the horror in front of him that he didn’t even notice The Undertaker sneak up from behind and hit him in the head with an urn. The Deadman continued his attack on Warrior before forcing him into the coffin and closing the lid. Bearer used a special crank and lock from a funeral home to lock the coffin, not only trapping Ultimate Warrior but suffocating him in the process.

Children and adults alike all over the world were scared by this segment. For one, the announcers sold the incident as a life-threatening situation for Warrior. “How’s he gonna breathe in there?” asked Roddy Piper. Eventually, WWE officials were able to break and pry open the casket only to reveal an unconscious Ultimate Warrior. What really sold the moment was when officials began CPR on Warrior before he eventually started stirring. The moment was traumatic for a lot of young wrestling fans at the time, and is only one of The Undertaker’s most horrifying moments.

Bray Wyatt’s Return

Bray Wyatt returning to the WWE

When the White Rabbit QR codes took over RAW and SmackDown a few months ago, the WWE Universe desperately wanted to believe it was Bray Wyatt. After all, the QR codes were cryptic, creepy and downright unsettling. Well, fans got their wish when Wyatt returned at Extreme Rules earlier this month in one of the most elaborate, creative and spine-tingling moments in WWE history. As the lights in the arena suddenly went out, the camera zoomed in to various characters from Wyatt’s FireFly Funhouse such as the Buzzard and Abby the Witch. The characters, however, seemed aged and more rugged than before. Eventually, cameras took us inside an abandoned version of Bray’s Funhouse where the rest of the familiar characters were strewn lifeless across the house. As the camera zoomed out, Bray Wyatt himself opened the door in a new mask and got one of the loudest reactions in WWE history

The Fiend’s return has turned WWE upside down and he hasn’t even been scheduled for his first match back yet. The segment itself was very well done, very creepy and is only one of the many creepy Bray Wyatt moments in his career.

Check the honorable mentions section at the end of this article for another Wyatt moment that made the hairs on the back of our necks stand up straight!

The Boogeyman Kidnaps Queen Sharmell

The Boogeyman standing in back of Queen Sharmell

One of the oddest but most entertaining rivalries in WWE history happened when Booker T feuded with The Boogeyman. Boogeyman appearances in WWE are exceedingly rare, so when the worm-eating Superstar appears, fans either cover their eyes or are glued to their screens. During the course of the feud, which culminated at WrestleMania 22 in Chicago, Boogeyman would constantly stalk Booker T and his wife, Sharmell. Even in the most unlikely of places such as the locker room shower, Boogeyman made sure to appear.

During a March 2006 episode of SmackDown, red smoke filled the arena and Booker T immediately knew that the chase was on. As the former World Champion ran away from the monster, he unfortunately left Sharmell behind. She screamed in terror as The Boogeyman, worms falling out of his mouth and all, appeared behind her. He picked her up and brought her backstage, as Booker T chased the duo to a locked room. Upon finally gaining entry, the entire floor was covered in worms! The couple made their escape, but not before being scarred for life by The Boogeyman.

Two Doink The Clowns

Doink the Clown and a clone clown

Coulrophobia is the very real fear of clowns, so you can only imagine when an evil clown debuted in WWE in 1992 that many fans were not pleased. At WrestleMania IX, Doink was scheduled to face Crush one-on-one, but the match really became a two-on-one assault on behalf of two versions of the clown. While Doink shot serious and threatening glances to the audience, he would switch on a dime and begin laughing and smiling. He was truly sinister and his actions at this WrestleMania were no different.

As Doink received a beating at the hands of Crush, a second clown appeared from underneath the ring and hit Crush from behind with a giant arm. Yes, a giant arm. Eventually, one of the Doinks disappeared under the ring, allowing the clown to pick up the win before the downed referee could see the pair. While this moment isn’t as downright scary as the others, something about seeing two Doink the Clowns in the ring at the same time was super creepy and stuck with a lot of fans up to this day.

Honorable Mentions:

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