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NASCAR, Gator Hunting & More: The 5 Best Moments From 'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 9 (So Far)

Catch up on all the best moments form "Chrisley Knows Best" Season 9 ahead of its return in June. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Left tot Right: Grayson Julie And Todd Chrisley

Now that “Chrisley Knows Best” Season 9 is officially returning with new episodes in June ahead of a brand new Season 10 later this year, it’s time to take a quick look back and catch up on all the best moments that happened before they took a break. 

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Season 9 of everyone’s favorite family reality show debuted in August 2021 and will continue its run this summer. The season kicked off with the Chrisleys having just settled into their new house in Nashville and they hit the ground running with the typical antics one has come to expect from them. 

For those looking to jog their memory, below is a rundown of some of the top moments from Season 9 of "Chrisley Knows Best" to help catch you up before their return.

Todd Pulls A Fast One

In the episode "Players and Party Planners," Todd finds himself “surrounded by Benedict Arnolds” when he discovers Julie is helping plan a birthday party for his best friend, Jay. In an effort to prove that you should not leave Todd Chrisley out of a good party plan, he tells them he booked a weekend fishing trip with Jay on the same night. 

When the scheduling conflict is discovered, he keeps the ruse going until Julie and their friend finally confess they cut him out of party planning. That’s when he reveals there is no fishing trip, it is merely the perfect trick to get Jay out of the house to help with the big surprise. So, even after being cut out of the planning, he saves the party. 

“I just can’t believe that you would exclude Todd Chrisley, who does that?” he concludes. “Todd has style, he has class, compassion, and kindness.” 

“OK, we get it,” Julie says. 

Ultimately, the duo does go on a fishing trip after the party — but Todd reveals it’s yet another clever ruse while they shuffle off to Las Vegas for the weekend. 

Grayson Gets His First Job

Grayson has been growing up right in front of everyone’s eyes for years. In the Season 9 episode "A Brand New Todd," he took another major step toward adulthood when Todd got him a job at the local country club. Almost immediately, Grayson learned the working world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, largely because he has to work while his friends hang out without him. He finally can't stand busting his butt working while his friends enjoy their summer, so, he plays hooky by calling in sick so he can spend the day having fun instead. 

Unfortunately for him, Todd finds out and isn’t too pleased at the way his son is acting after he used his good name to get him hired. Rather than go off on the 15-year-old, Todd and Julie lay a trap for when Grayson gets home. They ask him about his day and catch him lying about mowing the grass and working a hard day at the country club.

Grayson is usually a good kid, but when it starts to become clear he is busted, viewers can hear him omit an audible nervous gulp. Fortunately for him, Todd and Julie give him the chance to do the right thing and confess to his boss.

Todd And Julie Celebrate Their Anniversary

In the episode "Age Against The Machine," Todd decides to make a grand, nostalgic gesture to celebrate his and Julie’s 25th wedding anniversary. He finds an old car that’s similar to the one she had when they were first dating. However, he makes the mistake of parking it outside of Savannah’s house without telling her. So… she has it towed. 

That forces them to go to the junkyard to rescue it before it becomes a pile of scrap metal. Fortunately, they’re successful and Todd gets to spring the 1980s-inspired surprise on his wife that he had in mind. He has Chase and Savannah bring Julie to a parking lot where he’s leaning on the hood of the car and sporting a very “Miami Vice” look (including a white blazer with the sleeves rolled up). 

He caps off the sweet anniversary gift by recreating the days they would spend going to their favorite Mexican restaurant and falling in love. As a Mariachi band plays just for them, they sit and reminisce about how far they’ve come and all the exciting adventures they have ahead. 

The Chrisleys Have A NASCAR Weekend

In the episode "Fast and the Spurious," Jay invited the family to go in his RV to the first NASCAR event in Nashville in decades. Chase and Savannah jump at the chance (poor Grayson has a baseball tournament, though). They decide to bring Nanny Faye along with and, of all people, Todd

While the fun-loving trio soaks in the tailgate and watches all the festivities, Todd complains about the heat and the accommodations in the RV. Undeterred, the family continues to bond with fellow NASCAR fans and get rowdy in the lot. Meanwhile, Todd stays in the air-conditioned RV wearing noise-canceling headphones and watching TV. 

In short, he puts a real damper on their good time. 

“Classic Todd,” Savannah says. “If it’s not something he’s into, he’ll bring everyone else down.” 

Eventually, though, he sees the error of his ways when Nanny makes him realize that his commitment to his own comfort made him miss out on some quality time with his kids. By the time the race starts, he has turned over a new leaf and joined the festivities. 

Todd, Chase, And Nanny Go Gator Hunting

When the Chrisley family goes on vacation to Florida in the episode "See Ya Later, Alligator," it’s all rest and relaxation for everyone — except Faye. 

She gets it in her head that she’d love nothing more than to hunt an alligator in order to treat the family to some sweet, delicious alligator meat. So, while some go parasailing and others work on their tans, Chase is dragged by his grandmother to an archery class to prepare them for their upcoming bout with one of nature’s deadliest beasts. 

Eventually, Chase and Todd hatch a scheme to dissuade Nanny from alligator hunting for her own safety. They take her on a swamp fan boat tour in the hopes that getting her up close and personal with an alligator might scare her away from trying to engage one in mortal combat. 

The scheme works. As soon as Faye sees a massive gator swimming through the water, she decides she’s “through” and swears off her desire to hunt alligators for good.

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