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'So I'm The Stupid One?': The Funniest Moments From 'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 7

As "Chrisley Knows Best" prepares for Season 10, take a look back at some of the funniest moments from Season 7.

By Tyler McCarthy

Season 7 of “Chrisley Knows Best” was one for the books. From political aspirations to broken bones, everyone’s favorite Southern family proved there’s nothing they can’t get through as long as they stick together and never lose their trademark sense of humor. 

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Because of their propensity to always remain in good spirits, Season 7 saw a lot of lighthearted and downright hilarious moments. Now, with the Chrisleys officially returning for Season 10, we thought it would be a good time to take another look back at some of the most hilarious moments from the gang’s past. 

Faye’s Mispronunciations

When Nanny Faye is expected to speak publicly in the episode “Faye Talk Pretty One Day,” the family realizes her thick Southern accent and tendency to forge her own path when it comes to pronunciation may pose a problem. 

So, Chase accompanies her to a voice and pronunciation coach. However, he quickly realizes teaching Faye how to unlearn her way of speaking might even be beyond the capabilities of the expert. They start small with the word “athlete,” to try to correct Faye from pronouncing the second “t” like a “k.” After several tries, it doesn’t work, prompting Chase to give up. 

Fortunately, the coach has a bit more patience and attempts to show her some ways to contort her face so that the words can come out sounding more natural — it doesn’t work. In the end, Faye decides to just do her own thing; after all, it’s served her well for more than 70 years, why change it up now? 

Faye Reads Todd’s Fortune

Nanny Faye sometimes fancies herself a bit of a psychic. In the Season 7 finale, “Three Men And A Chloe,” she’s in the kitchen with the family knocking on a deck of Tarot cards trying to wake the spirit world up so she can get some answers about her son. 

Todd is looking to find out if he’ll ever be “at peace” with his kids. 

Faye draws three cards to see what the heavens have to say about that and draws The Hermit, The Fool, and Death. 

“Well, these cards are spot on. Because if I’d been a hermit, then I wouldn’t have been a fool that had five kids, and then because I had the five kids, death is on its way,” Todd says. “They’re going to be the death of me. Actually, I think I’m the one that’s psychic!” 

Chloe Watches Todd's Language

In the episode “What Not To Swear,” the family is out to dinner when they discover that Chloe has developed a bit of a potty mouth. 

As she sits there sipping on her chocolate milkshake (a pre-dinner snack), an appetizer arrives. Chase goes to add salt without asking the table, prompting a little tiff between him and Savannah. 

“They’re batsh** crazy,” Chloe says offhandedly

The entire table gasps at the young girl’s language. 

“Where did you hear that from?” Todd asks. 

“You!” she responds. 

This upsets Julie who fully blames Todd for not watching his mouth around the kids. 

“Of course she did, you’re the one that cusses and there’s going to be some changes in this house,” she tells Todd.

“That’s bullsh**,” Todd fires, hilariously missing the irony of his statement. 

Faye Is A Single-Issue Candidate

In the episode “Vote For Chrisley,” Faye gets herself involved in local politics with a campaign centered around the most important issue she feels is facing Tennessee today: no legalized gambling. 

To help with her campaign, Chase books her on a local radio show where she’s able to make her case for why the state needs to legalize gambling, which includes key campaign hits such as “I love some casinos.” 

However, her political aspirations start to crumble when she’s asked about literally any other issue besides gambling. When the host inquires about her position on schools, minimum wage, sanitation, and more, Faye just keeps saying “abstain.” 

“I’m a one-issue candidate,” she says

When speaking to Chase afterward, she notes that she tries to employ the K.I.S.S. method (Keep it Simple Stupid) to her campaign.

“So I’m the stupid one?” he asks. 


Todd Doesn’t Like How The Sausage Gets Made

Elsewhere in the episode in which Faye runs for office, she helps the family make some sausage links the old-fashioned way, using a meat grinder with a hand crank. 

When it comes time to load the meat into the sausage link feeder, she decides to loop Chase and Todd in on the process. It’s gross work, but Chase manages to keep his composure as he sees his grandmother doing and saying things that can easily be compared to more risqué bedroom behavior. 

Todd goes another way. 

“That looks like a penis!!” he screams

He also has a pretty noisy reaction when Faye says it’s time to “break it off.” 

“I’m literally burning up with sweat,” he says after it’s all said and done. 

Mercifully, the episode cuts away before Faye moves on to her next task: Showing them how to “jerk some meat.”

Todd and Grayson Get Spicy

When Julie comes home with a variety of hot peppers she hopes will give her chili the boost it needs, Grayson and Todd waste no time talking tough about how much heat they can handle. So, she agrees to put them to the test. 

After getting their confidence up with a relatively mild pepper, she hits them with the “hottest of the hot.” At first, Grayson crosses his arms defiantly before, suddenly, the heat hits him and he starts coughing and wincing with pain. Todd starts to make fun of him — but then the heat hits him too. 

Julie can only laugh as the duo then begs her for something to drink so they can relieve the fire in their mouths. As she goes to pour some milk for them, Todd shouts “Hurry up! Are you milking a cow?!” 

Once they’ve got some dairy in them and the heat subsides, Todd warns Grayson that they’re not out of the woods just yet. 

“Grayson, do not fart because you will set this room on fire,” he says. 

Faye Says She’s Up To No Good

In the episode “Tattoo You,” Faye and Chase decide to pull a little prank on Todd for being so controlling. They go out and get a very large, very ostentatious, and very fake heart tattoo on Faye's chest. 

She casually comes over to Todd's and waits for him to spot it and simply lets the freakout ensue. 

“Mamma that is so trashy,” he says.

In a confessional with Julie, Todd says he’s so mad he could “eat fried sh**.” Julie, meanwhile, thinks the whole thing is hilarious. She says Faye can do whatever she wants at age 75. 

“It’s grannies gone wild!” she jokes. 

“No it ain’t grannies gone wild,” Todd shoots back. “They’ve got more class.” 

After some protest, Faye tells Todd he can stick his complaints “where the sun don’t shine” because she’s tired of him always telling her and the rest of the family what to do. Eventually, she and Chase reveal that it’s all a prank and he learns a valuable lesson. 

The Family Gets Brave For Faye's Bucket List

In the episode “Kick the Bucket,” the family follows Faye around as she tries to tick items off her bucket list. Although they find some items more easily than others, they agree to follow along out of sheer respect for the family elder — even (and especially) Todd. 

This brings them to a bar in which there’s a mechanical bull Faye wants to ride, but not before her grandkids do. So, Chase hops on top and very quickly gets himself thrown off so hard that his shoe goes flying off his foot. That’s when Faye turns to Savannah to give it a try. 

“You’ve always acted like a lady but tonight we’re going buck-a** wild,” she tells her granddaughter

Once she too gets thrown from the bull, Todd steps in and tells his mother that she really shouldn’t be riding a mechanical bull at her age. So, he’s going to do it for her. 

Anyone who knows Todd Chrisley will tell you that a mechanical bull ride is not exactly his cup of tea. However, for his mother, he’ll do anything. So, he hops on top and, although he screams the entire time, does better than anyone expected. In the end, though, he too gets thrown from the bull all in the name of making his mother happy.  

Todd Breaks His Leg

One of the more significant moments in Season 7 happened when Todd got into an accident by the pool and broke his leg. The season documented his recovery in all its painful, uncomfortable detail. 

In the episode “Bummer Camp,” Todd comes home with his cast on for the first time and can’t believe something like this happened to him.

“You would think with all the good that I do in the world that karma would actually be on my side,” he says

When Chase asks what exactly happened, Todd explains he was sitting by the pool when it started to downpour suddenly. He tried to run inside for cover in flip flops only to slip on a slick part, breaking his fibula. He even admits to crying while Chloe held his hand waiting for help to arrive.  

Chase begins to giggle at his dad’s misfortune, but Faye sticks up for him and tells her grandson to stop because her heart is breaking for her boy. 

“I’m not going to say anything bad about you,” she tells Todd. “But you are a clutch.”

“Are you trying to say 'clutz'?” he asks.

“You’re just clumsy as hell! That’s all I can say,” she responds. 

Savannah And Chase Cure Todd's Claustrophobia

In the episode “Chickening Out,” Chase and Savannah attempt to cure Todd of his claustrophobia. Typically that’s the type of thing that takes years of work and a mental health professional, but the kids feel like they’ve totally got this. 

So, they take their dad to the car wash for some immersion therapy. Before they arrive, they tell him to select a safe word so they know when he’s had enough. However, he immediately starts to use it and protest when he sees the car wash.

As he panics, the kids simply keep reassuring him that he’s OK and telling him he has to “emerge” himself. 

“I’m going to punch you in the face is what’s going to happen!” he shouts “It’s not ‘emerge,’ you idiots!” 

Fortunately, he manages to get through the ordeal. Unfortunately, Chase and Savannah’s plans aren’t done. They follow up the car wash by stuffing their dad in the trunk of the Mercedes so that he can experience his biggest fear and hopefully become desensitized to it. 

Almost as soon as the door closes, Todd can be heard shouting his safe word, “Oprah” again and again.

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