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Cavinder Twins Reveal If They're Ready to Be "Punched in the Face" in WWE

Is anybody really ready to be punched in the face? Well the Cavinder twins say they're preparing ahead of their WWE debut.

By Chris Phelan
Hanna Cavinder and Haley Cavinder pose for a photo at Pimlico Race Course

The Cavinder twins haven't been seen on WWE television for months, but that hasn't kept them out of the spotlight – not by a longshot!

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As time passes, the WWE Universe is still left without a concrete start date for Hanna and Haley to make their in-ring debuts. The Cavinder twins, the social media megastars who parlayed an iconic NCAA basketball career into numerous post-college opportunities, are back in the news, hot on the heels of a revealing profile by one of the most well-known publications in the world. On September 5, GQ released an in-depth profile of Hanna and Haley that took place after a recent WWE training session. It was an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the sisters that shined an even brighter spotlight on their post-collegiate careers that set the standard for future NIL athletes.

Are the Cavinder Twins Prepared to Get Physical in WWE?

Hanna Cavinder and Haley Cavinder walk the red carpet of The 2023 ESPY Awards

GQ caught the women on a good day, as they had notable WWE producer Ryan Katz by their side. The interview started with a bang when Katz half-jokingly asked Hanna and Haley if they were ready to be punched in the face.

"We've had pressure our whole lives, so we'll definitely adjust," Hanna said slyly.

Granted, being punched in the face will be an entirely new experience for both women, but with some luck, the punches they receive will be outnumbered by the ones they throw themselves. However, becoming a full-fledged WWE Superstar means being the total package – having world-class athleticism is only half the battle. Ryan Katz was quick to add that WWE is determined to build solid characters for the sisters.

"We gotta figure out a way to make you not just be twins," Katz acknowledged. "We want to know the people behind the moniker of the Cavinder twins."

Although that's easier said than done, nobody in the WWE Universe can argue that – aside from their respective athletic prowess – Hanna and Haley have a connection to each other, making it highly unlikely they fail any undertaking.

"[Our connection] is stronger than being basketball players or being an athlete," explained Hanna. "Right now, we've got to do life together."

How Do the Cavinder Twins React to Criticism?

Wwe Cavinder Twins Debut3

You'd have to live under a rock not to notice Hanna and Haley being consistently featured across all major social media platforms. From photo ops on the beach to throwing out the first pitches before a recent Miami Marlins game, the sisters aren't shy about broadcasting their lives to their legions of fans. Perhaps most importantly, they acknowledge the criticisms they face. Many detractors believe the Cavinder twins are doing nothing more than taking advantage of their looks. Unsurprisingly, the sisters disagree with that sentiment.

"We were put in a position to capitalize off of [opportunities], and that's what we're doing," Haley said in defense.

Haley makes a good point – wouldn't most people follow in their footsteps if they had the chance?

"I'm never gonna sit here and not understand other people's side," added Hanna. "I know that Haley and I have worked really, really hard. And I don't wanna ever judge someone based on what they can't control."

The Cavinder Twins Look Toward Their Future

Haley Cavinder and Hanna Cavinder sit court side at the NBA Finals

Hanna and Haley quickly pointed out that they are more than just pretty faces filling the screens of millions of phones daily. The WWE Universe should breathe a sigh of relief – from the sounds of it, the twins aren't the shameless social media influencers many fear they are. Like most of us, they use social media to pass the time, not define themselves.

"I think that in the space of social media, there's a lot of things that are temporary that can fill your cup and make you feel empty," Haley explained. "Those are all temporary things. I get stuck in it too! The lights, the following, the comparison. But I like to think of what keeps me grounded, fills my cup. And that's going on my walks in my morning, my devotional, fitness, getting my workouts in. That fills my cup."

Regardless, Haley questions the woman she will become in the future. After all, at only 22 years old, they have the rest of their lives ahead of them. 

"What's my identity without basketball and my platform?" Haley asked. 

Millions of their fans hope the answer to this question is "WWE Superstar." If that comes to fruition, it remains to be seen, but the Cavinder twins have already shown they have the dedication and aspirations to accomplish anything they set their minds to. We hope Hanna and Haley enjoy these last few weeks of summer because, from the sounds of it, the time to get to work in WWE is quickly approaching.

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