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Carson Daly Roasts Blake Shelton Like It's Barmageddon at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Blake Shelton was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, his Barmageddon co-star Carson Daly had to poke some fun.

By Tyler McCarthy

While most people use a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony to honor the person being immortalized in the pavement, Blake Shelton was straight-up roasted by his Barmageddon co-star Carson Daly in a scathing cavalcade of smack talk that only they can manage. 

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On May 12, Shelton was given the honor of getting a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was joined by fellow The Voice coaches Adam Levine and wife Gwen Stefani who all said very kind things about him. Closing out the ceremony was Daly, who decided to speak in the only love language their bromance understands — lighthearted mockery.

“There’s been so much, so much toasting,” he began. “So, a little roasting.”

Daly wasted no time pointing out what a prestigious Hollywood honor was being bestowed on a man who doesn’t really like the town all that much. 

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“Blake does not live here or even like it here. After today, I assure you, Blake will never see this star again,” Daly joked. “In fact, as soon as he leaves you could probably dig it up and regift it to Blake Lively. Blake’s not a Hollywood guy. Once when we were shooting The Voice, he was so homesick I had to take him to a Bass Pro Shop in Riverside just to get him to stop crying. I left him there for two weeks and he was happy.”

Daly continued his speech by recounting the moment he and Shelton met. Just when you thought it was about to get serious, The Today Show host came back swinging with some more jokes at the country singer’s expense. 

“I met Blake in 2010 when NBC hired him to be a coach on The Voice. We did a very extensive search and after every other country singer said ‘no,’ NBC said, ‘let’s give whoever this is a shot. He’s wearing a cowboy hat and smells like a horse,’” Daly said. 

Shelton spent the entire time responding to his friends’ jabs with hearty belly laughs. That is until a joke got less attention than he felt it deserved. At one point, Daly joked that Shelton is the biggest “and weirdly only” breakout star from The Voice. 

“That’s good, that’s good,” Shelton said interrupting. “That didn’t get the laugh it deserved!”

Undeterred, Daly continued by discussing Shelton’s famous relationship with Gwen Stefani. 

“Blake dating Gwen was hard for many of us to believe,” he said. “She fronted a ska band in Orange County, Blake wrote a song called ‘Hillbilly Bone.’ Gwen was unable to resist this hillbilly’s bone and the rest is history.”

Daly concluded his surprise roast of Shelton the way all good roasts do, by dropping the jokes and getting genuine about how happy he is to see his friend succeed. 

“Blake, you are nearly illiterate, but we love you,” he said. “I love you, America loves you and, whether you like it or not, Hollywood loves you.” 

You can catch more of Blake and Carson’s bromance and smack talk when they return for Season 2 of Barmageddon on USA network. 

 You can catch up on Barmageddon Season 1 on Peacock now.