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André The Giant, Mick Foley & More: The Best WWE Superstar Stories From 'Young Rock'

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seems to have countless, heartwarming stories about his fellow WWE Superstars from over the years.

By Caitlin Busch
Young Rock

"Young Rock" is chock full of WWE stories. Given that the NBC series is based on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's life experiences, it makes sense. Before watching the series though, Johnson's fans who know him best as a blockbuster leading man might not realize just how much of his life was about wrestling. Sure, they might know that he was once a big deal in WWE, but "Young Rock" goes beyond (or, rather, before) The Rock's time dominating the ring to look back at the moments in his life that shaped him into the Rock we all know and love today. 

And he credits a ton of those moments to other WWE Superstars who came before him and his contemporaries. Throughout the series, viewers get a more intimate look into Johnson's memories of some true icons, from family members to The Undertaker, Ric Flair, and more. There are so many great WWE moments in "Young Rock," in fact, that we had a hard time narrowing down which stories were our favorites.

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However, with the Season 3 finale in the rearview, we'll do our best. Here are our favorite Superstar stories "Young Rock" has tackled so far.

Mick Foley Is Really Into Christmas. Like ... REALLY Into Christmas

Young Rock

We see Mick "Mankind" Foley a few times throughout the series, but the standout moment has got to be in Season 3, Episode 6, "Dwanta Clause," when Foley (Sam Ball) dresses as Santa and hosts a Christmas party for the who's who of WWE. In the episode, Dwayne (played by Uli Latukefu) learns that giving the best gift doesn't always mean it's the most extravagant option. And Foley plays a surprisingly sweet role in the lesson.

"There are some facts there that are smoothed over, but the spirit is there," Foley said of the scene on the "Foley Is Pod" podcast, revealing that a conversation with the Rock in which he mentioned his love of Christmas must have made a big impression on the younger wrestler. So while the details of the scene are "smoother over," as Foley said, we at least know the vibes are correct.

How Pat Patterson Got His Name

Young Rock Screenshot

In the Season 3 episode "Once Upon A Time In...," the real Dwayne Johnson reflects on some of his heroes' origins. Perhaps the most impactful story comes from Pat Patterson's flashback, in which we see young Pat make a love connection.

In the episode, Pat (Marshall Allen Williams) meets his partner, Louie Dondero (Julien Marlon Samani), in Boston in 1961. When Louie learns that Pat goes by his given name — Pierre Clermont — in the ring, he declares that he needs a new one. So they find a phonebook and look through the "P" names for inspiration. Patterson wins, of course, but Louie insists "Pierre" is still the problem.

"Pierre writes poetry about autumn. He doesn't rip men's arms off in the ring," Louie says. After some charming back and forth, they settle on Pat. And from there, it's history.

Literally Every André The Giant Scene

Young Rock

We're cheating a bit here, but c'mon, there's not a single scene in which Matthew Willig doesn't deliver as André the Giant. And while we loved seeing him on the set of "The Princess Bride" and getting to know the softer, almost philosophical side of the in-ring and on-screen legend, it's his moments with the youngest version of Dwayne (Adrian Groulx) that stand out.

When Dwayne's parents can't get through to him or when he's facing his latest adolescent crisis, it seems André is always there with a dose of reality and the perfect piece of advice. Whether it's giving advice on how to deal with bullies or simply lending a sympathetic ear on an impromptu fishing expedition, André is always there (glass of wine in hand).

The Chad Frost "Mystery"

Young Rock Chad Frost2

Episode 8 of Season 3 sent the WWE Universe into a frenzy when it introduced a wrestler who Dwayne only identifies as "Chad Frost" in an attempt to not badmouth any IRL wrestlers. Of course, the mystery only enhanced fans' curiosity and they went digging. It didn't take long for the WWE Universe to settle on the conclusion that "Chad Frost" was an allusion to Shawn Michaels, aka the Heartbreak Kid.

That the WWE Universe had so much fun following the clues the Rock provides in a voiceover makes this story all the better, even if "Chad Frost" did his damndest to put an end to the Rock's career before it had fully taken off. Throw in a couple of other familiar faces — including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Vince McMahon — and it's a standout story.

Peter Maivia’s Legacy

Dwayne Johnson Mom Car Accident

While "Young Rock" is following The Rock's trajectory from childhood to WWE Superstardom and beyond, there's an undeniable secondary storyline woven throughout: Peter Maivia's legacy. Yes, the High Chief was Dwayne's grandfather, but more than that, he was an icon who earned the respect of countless other wrestlers, and whose influence carries on in WWE to this very day.

The few moments we get of High Chief Peter onscreen are of a younger version from before Dwayne joined the picture, but his influence is carried on through his wife, Lia (Ana Tuisila), his daughter, Ata (Stacey Leilua), and other family members such as Afa and Sika Anoa'i (John Tui and Fasitua Amosa). And now, current Universal Champion Roman Reigns is still keeping that legacy alive in the ring IRL. Because as "Young Rock" is always quick to point out, we can't move forward without understanding and respecting the past and the lessons we learn along the way.

Catch up on "Young Rock" on Peacock.

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