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Blake Shelton Says Barmageddon Brings Out the Beast in Wife Gwen Stefani

And Shelton reveals which Barmageddon Season 2 guest goes hard behind the bar.

By Tara Bennett
How Long Can Gwen Stefani Keep a Sour Popsicle in Her Mouth?

Blake Shelton dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to talk with the late-night host about life, love, and Season 2 of Barmageddon, which premieres on November 13 on USA Network. The bar game-fueled celebrity competition show is the brain-child of Shelton and his co-host/conspirator, Carson Daly.

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The singer confirmed to Kimmel that the show idea was born during the COVID era of The Voice production when there was a lot of downtime between production set-ups. So the two would relax in their dressing rooms with a drink or two. At one point, the competition series Holey Moley came up in conversation, to which Shelton admitted he said, "That show would be next level good if they were all drunk!"

And from that, Barmageddon was born. 

For its second season of celeb guests, Shelton confirmed that he enlisted the talents of his wife, Gwen Stefani, and was surprised by what the series brought out in her personality. 

Gwen Stefani gets salty competing against Blake

When asked by Kimmel if he and Stefani are competitive people by nature, Shelton admitted that he is, but not so much his other half. "The funny thing about Gwen is that in the entire amount of time that I've known her now, I've never known her to be competitive, even on The Voice," he observed.

"She's more of the supportive person, so I've never seen her as super competitive ... until she plays against me on Barmageddon!" he continued, laughing in disbelief. "All of a sudden, it's like flipping me off really close to my face. Saying, 'You're going down!' I've never heard her say, 'Let's go!' like Tom Brady. Now she's saying, 'Let's go!'"

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Kelly Clarkson shows off a new side in Season 2 of Barmageddon 

Asked by Kimmel about the origin of some of the strangely named Barmageddon games, Shelton said that the process is "ridiculous," citing the game "Sharts," which he said literally came from mixing the word darts with the name Shelton.

"For most games, first comes the name and then the game is invented after," he added.

In the season premiere, Shelton's former The Voice Coach Kelly Clarkson competes with Fast & Furious actress Michelle Rodríguez. 

Practically giddy to tattle on Clarkson, Shelton teased to Kimmel, "If you've ever wondered what Kelly Clarkson is like when she's been drinking a lot, you've got to watch Monday. She is drunk."

"I don't care if she gets mad at me for saying this. I got what I needed out of her, and she's already been on the show, so we're good now," he joked. "But I'm talking about her being wasted on Barmageddon."

Barmageddon Season 2 premieres on USA Network on Monday, November 13 at 11 p.m. ET/PT. You can watch Barmageddon Season 1 on Peacock.