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Alexa Bliss Talks Working With Bray Wyatt Again: 'He's A Creative Genius'

Alexa Bliss joined Bob Armstrong's podcast, revealing that working with Wyatt is the most fun she's ever had. 

By Ethan Absler
Split image of Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt

Alexa Bliss’s sinister actions last night on Monday Night RAW confirmed to the WWE Universe that she has fallen under the evil and demonic spell of Bray Wyatt once again. Bliss was paired with The Fiend in 2020 and 2021 and has been outspoken about enjoying her time working with The Eater Of Worlds, but upon Wyatt’s shocking WWE release, Bliss slowly transitioned back to a singles competitor and made major progress in behavioral therapy to disconnect herself from Wyatt’s teachings and her Lilly doll. Since Wyatt’s return, however, Bliss has been hesitantly reverting back to some of her old behavior, culminating in smashing a glass vase over the head of the RAW Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair, last night.

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Bliss, a former multiple-time Women’s Champion in her own right, joined BT Sports' Bob Armstrong’s podcast, “What Went Down With Bob Armstrong” where she confirmed that she is working with Wyatt again, revealed just how much she enjoys working with The Fiend, and talked about how a darker version of Alexa Bliss has always been a goal of hers.

Bliss began the podcast by letting fans know that working with Wyatt is the most fun she’s ever had in her entire career. “I’ve never had more fun in my life,” Bliss raved. She continued talking about how she had wanted to work with Wyatt for a long time and is glad they have another chance to make magic now that he’s back.

"I had pitched a character like this, Dark Alexa, way back in NXT, before Blake and Murphy. I’ve always loved doing something different," she said. "I don’t like being the same character all the time. I remember, I’ve looked back, and I was like, ‘Man, I’ve been like six or seven different versions of myself,’ which was so fun. I love being able to portray a character. I love being able to go outside of the box, do different things, and this was the most fun.”

Bliss’ work with The Fiend was one of the hottest programs on WWE television for over a year. The story they told was unorthodox and fresh in the eyes of the WWE Universe. Bliss talked at length during the interview about how Wyatt’s ingenuity helped make the story so successful and how he inspired her to be more creative.

“He is such a creative genius that it made me want to step my game up. We had had conversations before, but not like this. So whenever he would say, ‘OK, so I have this idea for this, this, and this,’ it made me realize that I’m on this fast-moving train, and I either have to step up or get the hell off. So I’ve never put so much research into a character as I did when I was with Bray, and I think that’s why it was so fun for me, too. I was doing something completely different, but I was also taking things from real life and putting it into a character for the first time, so it was really cool," she said.

She continued, saying, “He’s such a creative genius. He has all of these ideas. Some of them are way out there that you have to reel in. You’re like, ‘OK, I don’t think we can do that.’ But then there’s all these things, he just has all these concepts and all these ideas that are just so good. It was so fun to be able to sit down with him and just bounce ideas back and forth. But because working with him, now I have almost unlocked a different side of my brain creatively to where now I get these ideas that I can pitch and try to portray, and it’s just so much more. Because of him, I was able to come up with the concept for Lilly, so it was cool. It was really cool.”

Bliss ended the interview by confirming that she is ecstatic Wyatt is back in WWE and felt almost like her character was missing a piece after his release. “Obviously he’s such a key part of WWE, and such a presence and character that it’s so great that he’s back because I feel like there was this character void, and the fact that he’s back, and you need that creative energy around for sure," she concluded.

You can relive all of the creepiest Alexa Bliss and Fiend moments on the WWE Network on Peacock!

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