Raw Recap: January 11, 2016
Aired on January 11, 2016

It’s been on the T-shirt for some time now, and Roman Reigns put his money where his merch was by surviving the Mr. McMahon-coined “One vs. All” main event of Raw ... with some help. Set to run the gauntlet against the entire WWE roster until he dropped, The Big Dog only got a chance to face off with Kevin Owens before “All” swarmed the ring to attack the “One” — a response to what had been an impending victory by the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Enter The Beast Incarnate: Brock Lesnar, conspicuous by his absence all night, chose that moment to return and annihilate the interlopers (Sheamus, to be fair, got a few licks in before going to Suplex City) and F-5 what was left of Reigns. Lesnar wants the title. Lesnar’s in the Rumble. And if he has to go through Reigns to get it? That’s just hunky dory for him.

John Cena may not be able to reclaim his U.S. Championship anytime soon, but another Superstar wasted no time in stepping up to take the Cenation leader’s place. Less than a week after knocking off Alberto Del Rio, Kalisto did it again, this time to unseat The Pride of Mexico as U.S. Champion, handing the lucha sensation his first singles title in his WWE career.

And what a road he had to climb to get there. Del Rio, high off sending Cena to the shelf, picked The King of Flight apart with sadistic abandon in the early goings. When Kalisto began to catch fire, Del Rio still managed to evade his soaring suicide dives and crossbodies. It seemed to be enough — until it wasn’t. A series of kicks to the jaw knocked Del Rio off balance and The Essence of Excellence never truly gained ground again, ultimately ceding the contest, and his title, to a rollup out of nowhere. And just like that, un nuevo campéon.

There is a case to be made that Sheamus kinda-probably-sorta should have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last week once Roman Reigns punched out the ref. Which, all things considered, would explain The Celtic Warrior’s desire to not beat Dean Ambrose so much as beat him up in a non-title match on Raw.

Beginning with the pre-match cheap shot and continuing through the bodyslam on the announce table, Sheamus picked The Lunatic Fringe apart with reckless, bone-crunching abandon. Being made of sturdier stuff than most, Ambrose gave as good as he got — he even managed to bust the Irishman open. But the match still ended in a double count-out that Kevin Owens took as his cue to beat the Intercontinental Champion down once again.

In other action... Mr. McMahon called the WWE roster to action against Roman Reigns... Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte... The Wyatt Family def. The Social Outcasts via Disqualification... The Usos def. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day... and Titus O’Neil def. Stardust.

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