WWE Raw Recap: August 6, 2018
Aired on August 6, 2018

Competing on Raw for the first time, Ronda Rousey decisively defeated Alicia Fox, despite the interference of Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Is The Goddess getting worried about her chances against The Baddest Woman on the Planet at SummerSlam?

Last week, Brock Lesnar laid waste to anything that moved (including Paul Heyman) with two notable exceptions: Roman Reigns, because he had been kicked out of the building, and Constable Baron Corbin, who hit the bricks before he could be relocated to Suplex City. Corbin wasn't so lucky this week, as Raw General Manager Kurt Angle placed The Constable in a match against Reigns following a show-opening confrontation between the three in which The Big Dog demanded — and received — assurances he would still get his Universal Title Match with Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Corbin proved to be as wily as ever in the bout, which he presaged with a hard right to Reigns before the bell rang (payback of sorts for Reigns’ surprise haymaker last week). An impressive performance by The Constable came up empty, however, when Reigns rallied so ferociously that The Constable tried to ditch the match. His attempt to take a count-out loss was thwarted by the appearance of Finn Bálor, who drove Corbin straight into the path of a Superman Punch and match-ending Spear. (The Extraordinary Man received a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Too Sweet from The Big Dog for the assist). Adding insult to injury, Bálor administered a post-match Coup de Grâce to Corbin, and he might get the chance for the last word as well: It was revealed after the match that The Extraordinary Man and The Constable will battle in a rubber match at SummerSlam.

Another week, another canny demonstration by Kevin Owens of how he might just use Braun Strowman’s furious tunnel vision to steal the Money in the Bank contract in two weeks. Much like last Monday, Owens did so by propelling Jinder Mahal to a win over The Monster Among Men via the kind of technicality that could cost the Monster his money at SummerSlam if he lets Owens get in his head.

Owens was certainly in Strowman’s head tonight, goading him into a rematch with Mahal during a frantic, one-sided interview with The Modern Day Maharaja on the renewal of “The Kevin Owens Show.” Strowman accepted by tipping the entire set over with his bare (these) hands, and Mahal was understandably hesitant to throw down with Strowman a second time. But KO quickly distracted The Gift of Destruction by seizing the briefcase at ringside, leading him on a chase up the ramp. When Mahal pursued, Strowman plowed The Maharaja in the gut with the Halliburton, getting himself disqualified.

The Monster Among Men caught up to Mahal at ringside, though Sunil Singh willingly took a big boot from Strowman to allow The Maharaja to escape. Few could doubt Strowman’s ferocity by the end of the evening, though it’s becoming clearer and clearer that his path to victory at SummerSlam will depend more and more on whether he can keep it in check.

Two things can be true: Alicia Fox can be a Survivor Series team captain, a former champion and Women’s division pioneer whose career helped pave the way for the WWE Evolution pay-per-view… and she can also be no match for Ronda Rousey.

New to the game though she may be, The Baddest Woman on the Planet was more than ready for her first Raw match, in which she convincingly defeated Alicia, despite the latter’s attempt to thwart Ronda with a cat-and-mouse game aided by Alexa Bliss. Once Rousey got her hands on Alicia, it was almost completely one-sided; she extracted payback for last week by ramming Fox into the barricade and forced her to immediately and frantically tap to the Armbar while Alexa watched.

The Goddess attempted to one-up Rowdy Ronda by bum-rushing her during her post-match interview, only to be judo-thrown out of the ring and forced into retreat. As a horrified Bliss backed up the ramp with her Raw Women’s Title in her clutches, Rousey left her with a final message to stew over: “It does not matter how tight you hold onto that title. Because at SummerSlam, it’s mine.”

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