WWE Raw Recap: April 30, 2018
Aired on April 30, 2018

The results have been reviewed, the controversy has been acknowledged, and Brock Lesnar is still Universal Champion. Despite Roman Reigns’ feet hitting the floor before Lesnar’s following their Spear-induced exit from the Steel Cage during their title bout at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, the official’s decision stands, and Raw’s top prize remains frustratingly out of reach for the three-time WWE Champion.

Count Seth Rollins among those who is no fan of Brock Lesnar's schedule. The Architect surprised the WWE Universe during his first post-Greatest Royal Rumble address by announcing that, instead of competing on the same limited basis as The Beast Incarnate, he wanted to defend his Intercontinental Title as a “fighting champion.” Finn Bálor, who missed out on the title by, literally, the tips of his fingers, was the first (extraordinary) man to take Rollins up on that offer.

Fittingly enough, the epic match was at a dead heat; Bálor had an answer for everything The Kingslayer attempted. It was going to take a last-ditch effort for Rollins to pull out the win and, luckily for him, The Kingslayer came through in the clutch: As Bálor attempted his running dropkick, Rollins stopped him cold with a superkick on the button and stomped him into the canvas to earn the victory. Bálor’s quest for the title comes up short again, while Rollins’ stint as a fighting champion is off to a rousing start. Should Rollins survive The Miz at WWE Backlash, it’s even possible that they’ll see each other again.

All things considered, the most enduring moment from the Greatest Royal Rumble Match may well have been Titus O’Neil’s accidental, full-steam slide underneath the ring during his entrance. Baron Corbin, who thinks that “to make money, you can’t be funny,” wasn't quite so impressed. But he learned that being a spoil-sport doesn’t exactly help your win-loss record when The Big Deal came calling during Corbin’s match with No Way Jose.

The arrival of O’Neil threw The Lone Wolf off his game, and when Titus made a show of falling off the apron, Jose pounced on a smug-looking Corbin with a roll-up. Having apparently successfully played possum, Titus sprang to his feet and conga’d his way back up the ramp with Jose, Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke.

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Jinder Mahal opened Raw by demanding a match with Roman Reigns. They got what they wanted and then some in the main event’s Six-Man Tag Team Match.

The Big Dog had some formidable help on his side in Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley. At one point, Owens and Zayn, whose chemistry anchored their team nicely, executed a solid one-two attack on Reigns that seemed like it could earn them the win. But the end came swiftly after a fateful mistake by Mahal, as Strowman — with some clutch help from Lashley and Reigns when their opponents began to rally — scooped up Owens as he attempted a cannonball and planted him with a Powerslam to earn the win.

In other action … Elias def. Bobby Roode via match stoppage … The Authors of Pain def. Jean-Paul & François … Ruby Riott def. Sasha Banks … and Natalya def. Micki James.

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