Raw Recap: November 14, 2016
Aired on November 14, 2016

Survivor Series is Sunday and the name of the game, ladies and gentlemen, is teamwork. After pitting various fractions of Raw’s Survivor Series teams against each other, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and General Manager Mick Foley saw at least one set of rivals put their differences aside to get a much-needed win. Good thing, too, as Stephanie promised “changes” for any partners who couldn’t get it together.

In a development so ironic it may as well have emanated from Brooklyn, Cesaro & Sheamus put their differences aside and worked together while thrown-together teammates Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns were the ones left bickering among each other for the duration of Raw’s opening contest. Despite that, however, and despite Owens trying to steal Reigns’ thunder, The Big Dog put the team first after KO took a Brogue Kick by Superman Punching Sheamus and pulling Owens’ limp body on top of him for the pin.

Sami Zayn is still set to challenge the Intercontinental Champion at Survivor Series. Though given that Dolph Ziggler will defend the title against The Miz tomorrow night on SmackDown LIVE’s 900th episode, whether Zayn still faces Zig Man on Sunday remains to be seen. That said, The Underdog from the Underground looked ready for any opponent, handing Bo Dallas his first loss since the former Social Outcast launched his “Bo-lieve in Bo” campaign earlier this year. Dallas’ smothering offense initially held Zayn in check, but he turned it around real fast with an exploder suplex, blasting Bo with a Helluva Kick seconds later to send himself to Survivor Series with a win.

We knew, thanks to last week’s dispatches, that Brock Lesnar is less-than-impressed with Goldberg’s do-it-for-my-son motivation heading into Survivor Series’ designated “Mega Match.” But perhaps The Beast and Paul Heyman made a mistake in prodding Goldberg about his family in the first, last and only confrontation between the two gladiators heading into Sunday’s collision. Goldberg held his composure well enough until Heyman dropped the final bomb: After the match, Goldberg’s would be so beaten that his son “will be calling Brock Lesnar ‘daddy.’ ” At that point, Goldberg battled through a Mick Foley–mandated wall of security to cut a clear path to Lesnar. But when it came time to throw down, The Beast Incarnate simply smiled and walked away.

We knew SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Maanger Daniel Bryan were coming to Raw. We didn’t know they wouldn’t be coming alone. What was initially a face-to-face between Raw and SmackDown LIVE’s brain trusts was poised to turn into a mugging when Raw’s Men’s Survivor Series team surrounded Shane and Bryan … until Team Blue revealed their collected aces in the hole: their Men’s squad of WWE World Champion AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and Team Blue “mascot” James Ellsworth, who stormed through the audience to even the odds.

It didn’t take long for hostilities to arise in the impromptu confab between the two teams, from a pointed confrontation between Wyatt and Braun Strowman to a jaw-jacking between the two heavyweight champions. Still, cooler heads prevailed … until Dean Ambrose straight-up punched Chris Jericho in the face to instigate an all-out brawl that ended with Seth Rollins saving Roman Reigns from a Styles Clash and the two former brothers executing a Double-Powerbomb of The Phenomenal One over the top rope. To coin an old phrase, maybe the dysfunctional Team Raw is something to believe in after all.

In other action... Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho & Braun Strowman def. Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day... WWE Cruiserweight Champion The Brian Kendrick def. Sin Cara... Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks def. Nia Jax & Alicia Fox... and Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson def. The Golden Truth & The Shining Stars.

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