Braun Strowman

If it’s got two legs and a heartbeat, or even four wheels and a flatbed, there’s a good chance Braun Strowman has destroyed it by now. And if he hasn’t, he will.

Initially the towering “Black Sheep” of The Wyatt Family, Strowman broke out on his own following the 2016 WWE Draft and became Raw’s resident titan in swift order, dispatching untold hordes of hapless local competitors before moving on to certified world-beaters like Big Show and Roman Reigns, as the latter emerged as his personal favorite target in 2017.

The Monster Among Men’s dominance isn’t contained within the ring, however. Strowman made a habit of dispatching his foes by using anything that isn’t nailed down, flipping an ambulance over with Reigns trapped inside, putting Brock Lesnar through two tables and burying him under a third, and superplexing Big Show with such ferocity that the ring collapsed beneath them.