Baron Corbin

Accompanied to the ring by the roaring of a Harley, Baron Corbin is clearly no angel. And while it may be a stretch to say he’s from hell, you can forgive his opponents for thinking the self-proclaimed “Lone Wolf” has sent them there once he gets rolling.

A former NFL player whose aggression got him booted from the game, Corbin found the perfect outlet for his rage in WWE, and the perfect target for it in, well, anyone and everyone who crossed his path. Less a Superstar than a force of nature, Corbin made his mark on The Grandest Stage of Them All when he eliminated Kane from the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to stake his claim as the legendary giant’s heir apparent.

He hasn’t stopped since then, wrecking any Superstar who either faces him willingly (Dolph Ziggler) or unintentionally (Zack Ryder). Corbin likes to proclaim that he spells the End of Days for anyone who dares to fight him. At the end of the day, that might just land him the WWE Championship.