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WWE Superstars The Miz, Johnny Gargano and Raquel Rodriguez Talk Survivor Series

WWE Superstars The Miz, Johnny Gargano and Raquel Rodriguez talk Survivor Series history ahead of WarGames 2023.

By Chris Phelan
Split of The Miz, Raquel, and Johnny Gargano

Survivor Series is just around the corner, and many of your favorite WWE Superstars are getting in the spirit by looking back at the history of one of the brand's best Premium Live Events. 

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Recently, WWE cameras caught up with Raquel Rodriguez, Johnny Gargano, and The Miz to get the inside scoop of their favorite Survivor Series' teams from the past as well as challenged them to use their imaginations for a dream team for the future. 

WWE Superstars Pick Greatest Survivor Series Teams In History

Johnny Gargano

As one of the greatest Superstars in NXT history, it makes sense that Johnny Gargano still holds his NXT run close to his heart. His career – from his timeless feud with frenemy Tomasso Ciampa to his countless championships won – is the stuff legends are made of. When asked what his favorite Survivor Series team of all time is, he didn't hesitate in his response – he chose a team near and dear to his heart!

"My favorite is Team NXT from 2019, especially the women's side, because my wife, Candice LeRae, made her Survivor Series debut that night," he explained. "It was a great team."

Calling the squad a "great team" is an understatement – the team of Rhea RipleyBianca Belair, Candice LeRae, Io Shirai (now known as IYO SKY), and Toni Storm dominated the proceedings, showing the Raw and SmackDown locker rooms what NXT was all about!

Just look at where all these Superstars are in 2023: They're at the top of their respective careers, showing the world that the future not only looks bright for women's wrestling – but the future is now.

The Miz's favorite Survivor Series team ever is a throwback to a simpler time: 1989, to be exact! The 1989 edition of Survivor Series was chock full of classic elimination tag matches, and one team stood out to The Miz, even at a young age: The Rude Brood.

"Anytime you put together Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect, you got this guy sold," admitted The Miz.

The Rougeau Brothers rounded out this all-star lineup of WWE Superstars, defeating an equally impressive group of men led by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Sadly for The Miz, the Rude Brood would never team again at a Survivor Series, leaving their record at a perfect 1-0.

WWE Superstars Share Survivor Series Dream Teams

WWE Wrestler Raquel Rodriguez

If you're a WWE Superstar and you're asked who – out of anybody who's ever competed in WWE – you'd want on your ultimate Survivor Series dream team, it can be hard to decide on only a handful of teammates. Usually, a Superstar's answer is an exclusive look at who they grew up cheering for as kids!

Raquel Rodriguez decided to go big with her dream team, electing to team up with some of the biggest and baddest female WWE Superstars ever!

"The team would have to have me, of course," she confessed. "We'd have to have Chyna in it, she is obviously the Eighth Wonder of the World, she is iconic. Beth Phoenix, I grew up watching her and the Glamazon has to be a part of my team. And I think I'd want to add Nia Jax to the mix, even though we're not getting along right now."

Johnny Gargano went for the perfect mix of past and present Superstars, making sure to include his closest confidantes and the two men who influenced his career the most!

"If I had to pick my dream Survivor Series team, I think it would be me, Tomasso Ciampa, Shawn MichaelsTriple H, and of course, from my favorite Survivor Series team, Candice LeRae," Gargano revealed.

Color us surprised who The Miz would choose to round out his dream team. Hardcore members of the WWE Universe know the respect and admiration he has for WWE Superstars and the business in general, and that respect shines through in his selections – he didn't hold anything back with his ideal teammate aspirations.

"I consider myself a legend, so my favorite Survivor Series team would be The Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers, and The Miz."

For an ultimate team, you can do a lot worse than The Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, and Marty Jannetty in your corner! 

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