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Unforgettable Ink: These Are the WWE Superstars With The Most Iconic Tattoos

From Brock's sword to Cody's personal logo, we're here to break it down for you.

By Chris Phelan
Wwe Tattoos Promote

As was reported exclusively on USA Insider yesterday, NXT Superstar Edris Enofé made waves across the internet when he tattooed the WWE logo onto his chest and revealed he has plans for an NXT neck tattoo in the future!

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Naturally, Enofé’s executive decision made us think: What are the most iconic tattoos in WWE today? In past generations, the WWE Universe has been delighted by the custom ink of Superstars such as Batista, CM Punk, and others. But what about today’s WWE landscape? Who currently has some of the most memorable, well-known, and generally badass tattoos on the entire roster? Good news: We figured it out and intend to reveal our findings in easy-to-digest list form!

So without further ado, here are the top five Superstars who have the most iconic tattoos in WWE today — not counting Edris Enofé’s, because let’s be honest: That one is on a whole different level!

Cody Rhodes' Neck Tattoo

Wwe Tattoos Cody Rhodes

We have to kick off this particular list with — with all due respect to Mr. Enofé — the craziest tattoo any wrestler has gotten, ever. Well, actually, let us rephrase that: Cody Rhodes has a normal tattoo, it’s the placement that is certifiably crazy.

A master of branding, Rhodes has developed the “American Nightmare” persona over his storied wrestling career, even developing his own personal logo, a bold USA flag-themed play on a skull-and-crossbones design. It’s a great logo in its own right, don’t get us wrong, but to this day, the choice Cody Rhodes made to get his logo tattooed ON HIS NECK still has us shaking our heads. When he unveiled the tattoo in 2020, the wrestling world nearly imploded due to the backlash he faced. Of course, since then the WWE Universe has gotten used to his neck tattoo and it’s become nearly as iconic as Cody Rhodes himself.

We have to admit, we didn’t think Rhodes could pull off a neck tattoo, but much like he’s been doing his entire career, he’s proved everybody wrong.

Roman Reigns' Tribal Sleeve

Whether you call him The Guy, the Head of the Table, the Big Dog, The Tribal Chief, or simply the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns commands respect from the WWE Universe — but he also pays respect to his heritage and his ancestry via the tattoo he wears proudly.

In 2015, Roman Reigns revealed that a lot of his ink is basic cultural tribal designs, but in his case, certain patterns connect with certain patterns that give his tattoo significance as far as his Samoan ancestry is concerned. The piece itself, an entire arm sleeve that extends over his right shoulder and throughout his chest, is one of the most artistically impressive tattoos in WWE history.

Without his iconic tattoo, Roman Reigns would obviously still be nearly unstoppable inside a WWE ring, that’s not even a question. But the tattoo itself has become so integrated into his character’s presentation that it’s hard to even imagine him without it!

Every Tattoo Rhea Ripley Has

Wwe Tattoos Rhea Ripley

It’s hard to pinpoint which of Rhea’s tattoos is most iconic because not only are they all badass, but the entire tapestry of ink is what stands out most to us! Over the past year on Monday Night RAW, “Mami” has proven to the entire WWE Universe that she is the total package: She has the brains and the physicality to dominate the whole roster — male Superstars included! (Don’t believe us? Just ask Akira Tozawa how he’s feeling today.)

Rhea’s extensive tattoo collection covers much of her body; her leg, her stomach, and part of her arm, and it all adds up to one of the most intimidating looks in modern-day WWE. In our opinion, her pieces even outshine the tattoos of fellow Judgment Day member Damian Priest, which is no easy feat.

At only 26 years old, Rhea Ripley’s WWE career is just now blossoming. We can’t wait to see what tattoos she adds throughout her professional wrestling journey!

Brock Lesnar's Sword

Wwe Tattoos Brock Lesnar

If Brock Lesnar had zero tattoos, he would still be the most frightening man in the history of professional wrestling. The fact that he has a chest piece seemingly designed to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents seems like overkill at this point.

The tattoo that adorns Lesnar's chest is that of a sword, and according to Lesnar himself, it’s a symbol of all the trials and tribulations he encountered when he left WWE in 2004. After a failed stint in the NFL, the sword became a motivation for the Beast Incarnate; he was forged from some truly formidable stuff, and he wouldn’t let his failure of becoming an NFL star derail his future.

Shortly after he got the tattoo, he went on to huge success in the UFC, capturing the heavyweight championship multiple times over before returning to WWE and ascending to the top of the world of professional wrestling once again. The rest, they say, is history.

AJ Styles' Family Tribute

At first glance, AJ Styles’ tattoo seems pretty straightforward: It’s a gigantic “AJ” along his side, a reference to not only his in-ring name but also his real name, Allen James. But if you look closer, there are four distinct dates underneath those initials, representing the birthdates of his three sons and his only daughter!

After getting the tattoo with the three original dates included over 10 years ago, he recently added the 4th date to commemorate the birth of his daughter about 6 years ago. Not a bad way to say hello to your kids every time you wrestle, right?

The tattoo itself has been synonymous with AJ Styles over the years. Not only is it a wholesome, heartwarming part of his character, but it’s also a testament to Styles’ toughness, as rib cage tattoos are often regarded as one of the most painful tattoos to get. Needless to say, we give major props to the ex-WWE Champion for this particular work of art.

These five Superstars truly know how to stand out in a crowd, in addition to performing at the highest level for the best wrestling fans in the world, of course.

With 2023 approaching, who knows who will be the next Superstar — or Superstars — we’ll add to this list in the future. Safe money is on Edris Enofé, who by this time next year may have a collage of WWE logos all over his body. Hey, no judgment here, it’s all about reppin’ the brand, after all.

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