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A Bitter Theory Squirts Baby Oil Into Bobby Lashley's Eyes During Pose Off

Theory couldn't handle Bobby Lashley receiving more attention than him.

By Gina Tron
Austin Theory squirting Bobby Lashley in the face with baby oil

A very bitter Theory couldn't contain his feelings of jealousy toward Bobby Lashley Monday, actually squirting baby oil into his eyes after losing a pose-off.

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On WWE's Monday Night Raw, Lashley and Theory squared off in a flexing contest. But Theory, despite being the youngest United States Champion in WWE History after beating Finn Balor on Raw April 18, couldn't hide his insecurities.

“I’m going to embarrass your ass here and then I’m going to kick your ass in the ring and then just as I told you before, I’m taking that title from you, kid,” Lashley before the two men began showing off their most statuesque poses.

Both were asked to give three poses for the audience: double bicep, side chest, and most muscular. 

An agitated Theory consistently berated the event’s host Adam Pearce before showing off his poses. The audience seemed less than impressed, but when Lashley took to the podium the audience roared as he showed off his much more muscular body. 

Theory wasn’t exactly a fan of that. While Pearce tried to judge a winner based on audience applause, Theory told him to shut up and to let him judge.

In a desperate attempt to win, Theory then yelled at the audience to cheer for him. But the audience had picked their favorite already. When it was made clear that Lashley was the obvious winner, Theory looked ready to hand him the title. It was all a ruse though.

“You want this?” he asked Lashley, gesturing at the title. “We got one more pose to do. You ready? It’s this pose.”

Then, Theory squirted Lashley in the eyes with baby oil, blinding him before leveling him with a. dropkick.

Theory then took reassumed his spot in the center of the ring, defiantly and obnoxiously taking selfies.

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