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Sonya Deville's Dirty Tricks Cause Her Own Undoing As Alexa Bliss Gets The Best Of Her, Again

Sonya Deville tried to remove a turnbuckle cover, but that only distracted the referee when she seemed certain to pin Alexa Bliss moments later. 

By Gina Tron
Sonya Deville Untying The Ring Padding

Sonya Deville tried to cheat her way into a win on Monday Night Raw, but the failed attempt just goes to show how powerful karma can be.

It marked another not-so-great Raw for Deville. Just last week, she was stripped of her title as a WWE official after upper management found that she routinely abused her power. Deville stood dumbfounded in the ring as Adam Pearce delivered the news. She was even more beside herself when Pearce told her she was back to being an active wrestler on the Raw roster and that, as such, she'd be fighting none other than Alexa Bliss, back after an extended absence. Bliss, a former Raw and Smackdown Women's Champion, made short work of her shell-shocked opponent. 

Bliss started off their second singles match strongly, using her quickness, agility and high-flying flair to dominate an increasingly frustrated Deville. But Deville also showed more confidence and fight than she did last week, using her strength to start slapping and throwing Bliss around the ring. For a while, it appeared she was actually winning, getting several near falls.

But Bliss was resilient and the frustration began to creep back in for Deville. And, as they say, old habits die hard. Deville began untying the turnbuckle cover so she could inflict a good deal more damage on Bliss, but the referee was all over it, stopping her attempt and telling her to "knock it off."

Deville did and actually leveled Bliss right after, going in for what looked like a definite pin. The only problem? The ref was still re-tying the turnbuckle cover and didn't see. By the time he turned around and started the count, Bliss had recovered. 

Bliss then got the upper hand on a noticeably irritated Deville and hit her with a DDT. That was that. She got the pin, leaving Deville to wallow in two straight defeats since her humiliating demotion. 

How's that for karma?

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