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Brock Lesnar Returns To Raw, Says He'll Slaughter Roman Reigns Like A Hog At SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar made it clear he's out for blood against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

By Gina Tron
Brock Lesnar standing outside of the ring

WWE’s Monday Night Raw started off on a threatening note, courtesy of the very beastly Brock Lesnar.

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The show, which aired live from Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, Texas, began with an in-ring promo from Lesnar. He said that Roman Reigns has been living “high on the hog” ever since the Tribal Chief beat him at WrestleMania.

As Lesnar stood in the Texas stadium he trotted out an old saying created in the Lone Star State: “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”

“Roman Reigns, you’re a hog, and I slaughter hogs on my farm every single day,” he threatened. 

He went on to say that at SummerSlam, coming up on July 30, the “Tribal Hog is going to get a country ass-kicking to the likes he’s never seen.”

Are his threats for real or is it all just hogwash?

At one point, Reigns' manager Paul Heyman interrupted the speech, only to have Lesnar call him a hog as well. He even made oinking noises at him.

“He doesn’t care if he sends Roman Reigns to the hospital,” Heyman told the crowd, referencing Lesnar. “He doesn’t care if he sends Roman Reigns to the morgue. That is not a man. That’s a beast. That’s a hog slaughterer. That’s an annihilator. That’s an avenging badass that wants revenge against my Tribal Chief.”

And he made it clear that he doesn't want that to happen. He insisted that he will have Reigns ready for him to put Lesnar “down.”

“If I have to train Roman Reigns to stick his hand up your ass and pull your heart out through that hole, that is what my Tribal Chief is going to do to something like you,” Heyman boldly told Lesnar.

And it's very possible that Heyman is right. The Bloodline has been a force to reckon with as of late. The Usos beat out RK-Bro in May to unify the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles, following in the footsteps of their Bloodline compatriot Reigns, who unified the WWE and Universal Championships at WrestleMania by beating out Lesnar. 

Meanwhile, Theory came onto the scene during Lesnar’s comeback on Monday night, to make it clear he wants to beat whoever wins their SummerSlam match, cashing in on his Money in the Bank contract. He promised that the event will be one of the greatest nights in WWE history.

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