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Becky Lynch Settles Scores With Bianca Belair AND Asuka In Raw Ambush

Becky Lynch went from the commentary table directly into the action during a championship contender match between Asuka and Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair. 

By Gina Tron
Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and Asuka

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch killed two birds with one stone, ambushing both Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair and Asuka during the pair's championship contender match on Monday Night Raw.

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“Big Time Becks” was ringside providing commentary on Belair and Asuka, probably her two greatest rivals at the current time, but soon made the moment all about her.

Prior to the match, when Asuka and Raw General Manager Adam Pearce agreed to the championship contender match (meaning Asuka would have to beat Belair in order to earn a true title shot), Lynch showed up complaining that it wasn't her getting the rematch she clearly feels she deserves. (Belair, of course, beat Lynch for the championship at WrestleMania.)

And when the match began, with Lynch on the broadcast team, she increasingly got fired up, particularly during a conversation about her ceding the Raw Women's Championship to Asuka after announcing she was pregnant in 2020. Lynch again revealed how upset she was that Asuka, who had been out of the picture for nearly a year before returning to Raw a couple of weeks ago, had been given the opportunity against Belair. 

Lynch then handed the commentators a note, telling them not to speak about her, before unleashing a sneak attack on Belair, just as the champ appeared poised to triumph. Becks, decked out in her recent Lady Gaga-esque attire, dragged Belair out of the ring and slammed her head into the steps.

Then, Lynch turned her attention to Asuka, delivering kick to the face before executing a "Manhandle Slam."

Belair won the match as a result of disqualification.

This blow to Asuka likely felt good for “Big Time Becks.” During Asuka’s return to Raw last month, she condescendingly "booped" Lynch on the nose. And in the backstage segment prior to Monday's match, Asuka poked Lynch further, telling her, “You gave me the title to become a mummy. But you don’t act like mummy. You act like a baby!”

Following the Monday match, Lynch tweeted a photo of her and Seth Rollins, who similarly got revenge on rival Cody Rhodes, noting their good night.

In all, there was no doubt “Big Time Becks” made her big-time presence felt.

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