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Becky Lynch Beats Asuka In Raw Rematch, Now Both Will Challenge Bianca Belair At Hell In A Cell

After Becky Lynch complained about Asuka's use of green mist last week, she got to square off against her once again for a chance to face Bianca Belair at Hell in a Cell.

By Gina Tron
WWE Becky Lynch leaning against the ropes of the ring

Looks like it’s going to be a triple threat match for the Raw Women's Championship at the much-anticipated Hell in a Cell, with Becky Lynch and Asuka each trying to unseat current titleholder Bianca Belair.

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The future of the June 5 Hell in a Cell match had been thrown up in the air after WWE Superstars Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out during last Monday’s Raw. The two had been slated to participate in a Six Pack Challenge match, along with Becky Lynch, Asuka, Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H, with the winner earning an opportunity to square off against Belair at Hell in a Cell. WWE has since suspended Banks and Naomi indefinitely and stripped them of their Women's Tag Team Championship titles.

Instead of the six-way match last Monday, Lynch and Asuka instead battled it out for the right to challenge Belair. Toward the end of the match, “Big Time Becks” appeared poised to attack Asuka with her own umbrella when the "Empress of Tomorrow," spit a green mist into her face, confusing and temporarily blinding Lynch. It provided enough of an advantage for Asuka to get the pin and win the right to challenge Belair. 

But that all changed after a bit outcry from "Big Time Becks." On Monday’s Raw, Lynch confronted WWE official Adam Pearce backstage, contending that Asuka should have been disqualified for the green mist trick. Pearce, in turn, granted Lynch a rematch and said he’d add her to the match at Hell in a Cell if she beat Asuka.

So, she and Asuka duked it out once again in an even more vicious match.

Just like last week, Belair watched from the ringside. At one point, it looked as though Asuka had the match locked up, unleashing a furious attack and nearly getting a three-count on a number of occasions. She even executed a beautiful superplex on Lynch off the second turnbuckle before almost pinning her once again. It just wasn’t quite enough.

Asuka kicked Lynch out of the ring, right in front of Belair. After another strike from Asuka, Lynch staggered back onto Belair’s lap, who did her best to not interfere. That's when Asuka unleashed a powerful kick toward Lynch's head, but Becks ducked at the last moment, and Belair got it right in the face. It leveled her. Amid the confusion, Lynch got some blows in on Asuka, slamming her into the commentary table before she hurriedly got back in the ring as the referee continued the 10-count. Asuka barely managed to get back in time, but was still too discombobulated to avoid Lynch's immediate pin.

Now all three will face off in Hell in a Cell and — green mist or not — it's a match that is likely to be full of drama.

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And stream Hell in a Cell on Peacock on June 5. 

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