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WWE: Bobby Lashley Shares Video Of His Nasty Ring Mishap Against Drew McIntyre

Bobby Lashley earned his nickname, The All Mighty, after a nasty fall out of the ring during his match against Drew McIntyre.

By Tyler McCarthy
Bobby Lashley in the ring before a fight

On Thursday, Bobby Lashley demonstrated why the Superstars of the WWE are some of the toughest athletes in showbusiness. 

During his match against Drew McIntyre in Newcastle, England, which kicked off the 2022 European tour, Lashley learned that sometimes the dangers one faces in the ring don't just come from an opponent. He faced a minor setback after a dangerous malfunction with the ropes that would have kept a lesser man down for the count.

McIntyre dodged a strike from Lashley, sending him running into the ropes. When McIntyre hit the top rope, it snapped just as Lashley was hitting it on the opposite side of the ring. Rather than spring off and bounce back into the center of the ring for another attack as intended, Lashley was sent tumbling off the side of the ring head-first. 

Earning his nickname, The All Mighty seemed OK. Videos shared by those in attendance show the referee quickly going to check on him as well as what appears to be another WWE official. According to SB Nation, Lashley felt good enough to dust himself off and get back in the ring to finish his bout against the Scottish Warrior. 

In fact, Lashley even commented on the now-viral ring malfunction on Twitter after the match was over.

“…and some of y’all think I’m not the toughest guy in @WWE,” he wrote alongside four crying laughing emojis. 

It seems he’s in good spirits about the mishap, and why shouldn’t he be? Being able to pick yourself back up and continue the show with a rock-solid fight is what the WWE is all about, after all. Although it looked scary and incredibly painful, it's just one example of the dangers these athletes face in the ring day in and day out. 

McIntyre also shared an image of the destroyed ring from their bout in a tweet thanking the city for hosting them for another successful night of competitive, highly entertaining wrestling. 

“Thank you #WWENewcastle,” he wrote. “We tore the house…..and the ring down!” 

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