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Here's Who Was ACTUALLY The Snake In The Premiere Episode Of 'Snake In The Grass'

The premiere episode of "Snake In The Grass" featured a shocking end reveal.

By Becca van Sambeck
Snake In The Grass contestants completing a challenge

On the premiere episode of "Snake In The Grass," there was plenty of difficult clues to interpret, challenges mishaps, and furious accusations. But as we know, only one of the four contestants was actually the Snake. Who was it?

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The episode began with our introductions to "Survivor" alum Trish Hegarty, self-described adrenaline junkie John Gaber, Olympic runner Alysia Montaño, and Sean Williams, who says he once rescued bus passengers in an accident. Then, we got our first clue: "Opinions and comments the Snake likes to vent, they grew up in a house where kids came and went."

The group surmises that likely means the Snake grew up in foster care, but they're still stumped when it comes to who it could be. So, they move on to a challenge, which requires sending some of the players to retrieve boxes suspended over a canyon while the other players reel them in. Unfortunately, the challenge is a fail — and Sean in particular doesn't do well. 

Another clue reveals that the Snake "wanted to fly" so they joined a team, which leads to some military theories. Still, they're in the dark about who the Snake could truly be. The next challenge provides another opportunity for illumination: They have to find five gold nuggets within "architectural" ruins and place them within a scale within in under 25 minutes. This time, they're successful in winning the challenge, and learn "to want people to like them is not what Snakes need, they must have thick skin as their heart's on their sleeves."

This leads to an examination of John's many arm tattoos, but there's no heart tattoo in sight. What could it mean?

At the Snake Pit, tensions grow heated, with Sean in the line of fire in particular, thanks to his performance in the first challenge and his general distance from the group. But when Trish asks John if he can name his siblings' birthdays, she's deeply concerned he can't name them quickly. 

Still, three end up voting for Sean, with only one vote for John — but alas, John was the Snake all along!

John admits his strategy was to do well every challenge so he would look good, as he was confident he could evade the clues. He also admits he played Alysia and Sean against each other in the second challenge. He reveals "want" and "need" are the tattoos on his knuckles in reference to the tattoo clue, he was in the Air Force, and he grew up in a foster home.

To watch more, check out sSnake In The Grass airing Mondays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

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